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Founded in 2013, Effective Building & Consultancy has continually delivered quality Property Inspections, Inspection Reports, Diagnostic Causation, and Scopes to Government, Private Organisations, and Individuals.

Effective Building & Consultancy is a New South Wales owned company based in Sydney with an expert team of efficient Building Inspector, Electricians, Plumbers, and Engineers dedicated to providing their clients with reliable, safe, and efficient Building Inspections & Reports solutions.

We guarantee you excellence in communication, service, and delivery throughout your entire journey with Effective Building & Consultancy.

Our team is an immense talent with a wide variety of skills and capabilities to deliver your project without compromising safety and quality. We are 100% dedicated to continually improving our business to ensure we enhance your experience.

You are invited to come on the journey with us and experience the “Effective Building & Consultancy Way!”


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Why Choose Us

We are your consolidated service for all your rezoning needs and currently, the only company in Australia who provide all the services we do taking out the stresses of the running around and planning when it comes to rezoning. Furthermore, not only do we have the expertise in the industry and the manpower behind us, we are a trusted Australian company that has a passion for the property market helping achieve great wealth for each and every one of ours.




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