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  • May 24, 2021
  • Effective Building
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Effective Building & Consultancy provides building consultancy services and project management for a wide range of construction projects, varying from fit out’s/refurbishment to complete new build, acting for end-user occupiers, developers, and owners. We combine professional insight with technical expertise.

We understand that project varies from client to client and project to project. We commit to fulfill the difficult balance between program, cost, and quality or design integrity. We do this building consultancy services, project ownership, and suggesting the best solution for your needs.

Cost Control

Cost control is essential in any project. We see active cost planning and budget control to empower the developers and architects to develop flair and quality while complying with the budget constraints. 

Effective Building & Consultancy has a strong commitment to teamwork and fairness throughout the team. This approach and sharing of reward and responsibility in our building consultancy services result in higher standards all around.

Neighbourly Matters

To maximise the use of land and development potential while minimising cost and risk, it’s important to consider the surrounding properties when looking at the project design.

As a part of our building consultancy services, it’s vital to resolve and mitigate problems that can lead to significant areas of planning risk and severely impact the development prospects.

Effective Building & Consultancy team of professional building inspectors provides full building consultancy services as early as the pre-acquisition and feasibility stage, going through planning and concept design to on-site delivery.

We aim to reveal all potential issues and provide practical and effective solutions towards achieving maximum development potential and ensuring statutory compliance. We advise clients on small to major development schemes. 

We deal in some aspects of neighbourly matters, including rights of way and access into neighbouring land. We are recognised in this specialist area, and our professional building consultant, Elie Farah, can offer expert opinions and provide litigation reports. 

For more information about our building consultancy and inspection services, visit our Help Centre.

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Elie Farah is a Building Consultant with over 25 years of experience in the property industry. Elie has specialised knowledge in development acquisitions, blue-chip properties and inspections, as well as flood-affected and waterfront properties, heritage buildings, bushfire management and existing use rights.

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