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  • April 1, 2021
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Effective Building Consultancy diverges from a typical building consultant by incorporating extensive knowledge of the structural and construction industry, a field filled with distinct challenges.

Doing supervisory, superintendent, and project manager roles require a building consultant to be strategic and thoughtful about working in the building consultancy and inspection industry impacted by constant change. To ensure that we are able to meet our goals, we use tools and strategies to manage multifaceted work.

In this post, I’ll share with you the different roles we, as building consultancy professionals, do.

Three Building Consultancy Roles

Basic Supervision

Effective Building Consultancy provides an excellent supervisory service in the form of perioding inspections of works, general contract administration, and building inspection reporting. We offer these services when there commencing substantial works, or if the owner isn’t confident with managing or overseeing the works. We emphasise this further when there are contractor’s progress payment claims.

Moreover, our building consultancy team are able to review the contact terms and scope of works and make assessments regarding the work value completed to date. Effective Building consultancy also liaises with the builder regarding variation submissions, time extensions, and identifies and reports building defects


Effective Building Consultancy provides a comprehensive superintendence service to assist its clients with meeting the key project parameters of cost, time, quantity, and quality. Our complete service includes the preparation of a contract agreement based on the AS4000 suite of contracts and arranging for contract execution. 

In the case of a residential project, we also procure a copy of the Home Building Compensation Fund Insurance Policy Certificate of Currency from the Contractor on the Principal’s behalf.

As one of our core business activities, our building consultancy experts have an exceptional understanding of the AS4000 suite of contracts and knowledge of remedial building and new-build. Therefore, we are fully equipped to manage both the physical and contractual sides of the project.

We believe that clear lines of communication are essential in achieving successful outcomes in all types of remedial and newly constructed projects. Our degree-qualified building consultancy managers routinely join in professional development and can assist our clients with the successful project management of all types and value.

The basic function of our building consultancy superintendent is to administer the contract agreement fairly and reasonably on behalf of two parties. We are responsible for valuing the works in progress including assessing the requirements, issuing progress payment certificates, evaluating the value of variation and extension of time claims, and issuing the appropriate certification. Where provisional sums and quantities exist, the building consultancy superintendent is also responsible for valuing the work carried out under those provisional amounts.

After the project completion, the building consultancy superintendent identifies and reports any building defects, issues the practical completion certificate, and oversees the defects liability period. All subsequent rectification and liaison regarding the existence of any identified building defects are managed by the superintendent, including certifying the release of any security (retention monies, bonds, etc).

Upon issuance of the final certificate, the superintendent may prepare a post-completion report outlining the final costs, timeframe, and project outcomes.

Client-Side Project Management

Client-side project management is our highest level of supervisory service. This role is largely open to negotiation depending on our client’s requirements. This typically includes daily site attendance, instruction, management, reporting, and documentation.

The role is similar to building consultancy superintendent, but with more frequent site visiting and a higher level of interaction with the builder and subsequent documentation.

Prospective clients are encouraged to call or email us for more information. The specifics of your project will assist us in providing the most relevant advice regarding our ability to provide service ideal for your needs.

If you want to learn more about our building consultancy and inspection services, click here.

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