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  • May 13, 2021
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A Home Warranty Inspection or Owner Builder Inspection is carried out as a final check of works completed by an owner-builder, requiring a home warranty insurance cover. The inspection is to ensure there are no incomplete works or major defects.

Before you decide to sell your property or if you are looking at doing owner builder construction, we suggest you get a home warranty inspection with Effective Building & Consultancy conducted by our experienced building consultant, Elie Farah, who has the PI Insurance (professional indemnity) to conduct a Home Warranty Inspection.

From 1 February 2012, home warranty insurance is required to be obtained where the contract price (or value of work) is over $20,000.

A home warranty insurance provider warrants the respective owner/builder to engage a Building Consultant with the correct insurance cover to inspect the owner/builder completed projects, before selling a property.

We at Effective Building & Consultancy provide the builder with a Report briefing the condition of the completed building works and identifying any issues or defects found that need to be rectified to obtain home warranty insurance. We recently completed a home warranty inspection for a brand new detached dual occupancy built by an owner-builder.

Home warranty insurance helps to protect home purchases when purchasing a newly built home. In the instance of any potential issues or defects with the property over time, the expenses are covered by the home warranty insurance, thwarting any additional repair costs on the shoulders of the buyer.

Our main objective at Effective Building & Consultancy is to give you peace of mind on your future property. It is important to note that Home Warranty Inspections are not the same as pre-purchase building inspections.

For more information about our building inspection services, visit our Help Centre.


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