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Table of Contents

Weep hole Clearance

Improper installation of weep holes.



Signs of efflorescence in between the tiles.

Mould Growth

Mould Growth

Mould growth which can cause respiratory illnesses.

Corroded Gutter and Downpipe

Corrosion within the gutter which causes water leak during rainfall.

High Moisture Test

Signs of high moisture within the dwelling as recorded by a moisture meter.

Blocked Gutter

Blockage of rainwater pipes that can cause corrosion.


Signs of moisture increase within the dwelling due to insufficient ventilation.

Brick wall Chemical Reaction

Reaction of brick wall to any chemical present within the dwelling.

Misaligned Perpendicular Joint

Improper brick wall construction with unparalleled mortar joints.

Thermal Camera Scan

Inspection for possible pest infestation within the walls using a specialized camera.

Moss Growth

Evident moss growth resulted from excessive moisture within the dwelling.

Down Light Cover

Installation of down light cover is required to prevent fire related accidents.

Roof Repointing

Cracking of the roof tiles that can cause water ingress.

Window Weep holes

Lack of installed weep holes below windows.

Misaligned Perpendicular Joint

Evident cracking within the wall.

Cosmetic Crack

Evident paint cracking on the wall.

Failed Waterproofing Membrane

Evident markings on the ceiling from possible water leak.

Expansion Joint Not Sealed

Loose sealant which can cause water ingress.

Concrete Cancer

Evident corrosion of steel reinforcements within the concrete wall.

Meter Box Upgrade

Outdated meter box does not have security switches and can cause accidents.

Blocked Kerb Outlet

Blockage of kerb outlet caused by excess leaves and debris.

Insulation Foil

Torn insulation foils will decrease its efficiency in controlling temperature within the dwelling.

Asbestos Wall

Usage of asbestos in wall construction which can cause respiratory illnesses.

Mechanical Fan System

Damp sub-floor resulted from lack of ventilation.

Timber Inside the Subfloor

Excess timber can institute in pest infestation.

Aggline Drainage

Stagnant water from insufficient from drainage.