Forensic building inspections refer to inspections conducted on a building to determine the cause of any damage or deterioration. This usually happens when there is observed cracking, sagging, staining, or deformation in the structural elements of a building. Property owners may also request a structural building report after noticing issues like drafts, odours, water leaks, and paint or tile cracks. Do you need a forensic building inspection on your property? Call Effective Building & Consultancy to provide comprehensive forensic inspection reports on your behalf.

What are forensic building inspections used for?

Compared to a visual building inspection, forensic engineering inspections are much more detailed and can take significantly longer to complete. An experienced forensic structural engineer will know what to look for and how to properly document the findings. Another key difference is that forensic structural building reports will investigate the root cause of any defects, rather than just identify them. 

These inspections are often used in cases where there is a dispute between parties over who is responsible for the repairs. Forensic structural engineers will use their expertise to examine the property and identify any potential causes of the damage. This information can then be used to help resolve a NCAT dispute.

Forensic building inspections are beneficial in a variety of situations. For example, if you are buying a property, you may want to have a forensic inspection conducted to ensure that there are no hidden defects that could cause problems down the road, as well as having a dilapidation report organised. Similarly, if you are selling a property, you may want to have a forensic inspection conducted in order to prove that the condition of your property is as represented.

Forensic building inspections can also be useful in disputes between landlords and tenants. If there is damage to a property that is the result of tenant neglect, a landlord may want to have a forensic inspection conducted in order to prove that the tenant is responsible for the damage. Similarly, if a tenant believes that the landlord has not properly addressed damages in the rental unit, a forensic inspection can be used to prove the landlord’s negligence.

Structural engineer inspections are also used in construction defects litigation. If there are defects in a newly constructed home or commercial building, a forensic inspection can be used to identify the cause of the defects and help determine who is responsible for repairing them.

forensic building inspections

Our comprehensive forensic building inspections process

Any building defect – even a minor one – can create a lot of stress for a homeowner or property manager. We understand this, which is why we offer comprehensive forensic building inspections that can identify the root cause of any structural issue, no matter how big or small. 

Our process begins with a thorough examination of the property in question. We take photos and measurements, and also collect samples of any materials that we believe may be causing the problem. Based on our observation and professional knowledge, we create and test hypotheses that may explain the building issue.

Once we have a good understanding of the problem, we provide our clients with a detailed building defects report that includes our findings and analysis of the structural integrity of the building. You can count on Effective Building & Consultancy to provide reliable recommendations that will restore the overall integrity of your property and maintain its good condition for many, many years to come.

Our detailed process for forensic building inspection can be summarised in four steps:

1. We investigate the structural performance of buildings

2. Observation, hypothesis, experiments and analysis

3. Thorough structural inspection reports

4. Long-lasting and effective engineer recommendations

Why choose our forensic structural engineers and analysts

Effective Building & Consultancy is a leading provider of forensic building inspections with over 20 years of experience in the industry. We have a dedicated team of structural engineers and analysts that cater to our commercial and residential clients in greater Sydney and surrounding areas. 

We understand that every building is different and each one presents its own unique set of challenges. That’s why we take a comprehensive and tailored approach to every single forensic inspection we conduct. Our forensic strucutral engineers in Sydney utilise the latest equipment and technology to get an accurate picture of the condition of your property. We then provide you with a thorough structural building report that includes our expert findings and recommendations.

Why choose Effective Building & Consultancy?

1. We are forensic engineers experts

2. Residential, commercial & industrial structural engineers

3. Easy to understand reports within 48 hours of your call

4. Information and visual proof of structural performance

5. Personalised expert advice and recommendations

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What forensic structural investigation reports contain

At Effective Building & Consultancy, we are determined to find the root structural issues of your property and provide a comprehensive analysis. This way, clients can have the peace of mind and confidence they need to make informed decisions that will improve the overall condition of their property. 

Our engineers carry out a complete investigation & inspection of your property, from the foundation to the roof, and everything in between. We take into account the age of the building, its construction type, as well as any renovations or additions that have been made over time. All of this information is then used to create a detailed forensic structural investigation report. In it, you will find:

1. Images of defects needing attention

2. Description of the defects and their probable impact

3. Observations, hypotheses, experiments, and analyses of damages

4. Expert advice and recommendations

5. Summary to emphasise the most important issues

6. An HTML and/or PDF version

Get an independent forensic structural investigation now

If you need a forensic building inspection, contact Effective Building & Consultancy today! You can consult with our professional engineers to address your specific concerns.
Thank you effective building for such a great job! Inspection was very thorough, inspector was on time and our staff are all so professional.
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