guide to roof inspections
  • April 27, 2022
  • Effective Building
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The roof, being the most pivotal part of a building safeguards not just the structure itself but the contents and occupants as well.

The longevity and value of your home or commercial space relies principally on the condition of the roof. Inadequately maintained roofs can have negative ramifications for the whole building, which is why regular inspections are recommended for homeowners and commercial landlords.

If you’ve recently purchased a new property, a roof inspection should be carried out to help you ascertain the state of the roof and if it warrants replacing or repair. More applicable to those buying an older or run-down property, an initial roof inspection can determine if the property is safe to move into or if any roof repairs are needed prior to living there. A primary inspection can also aid in determining the frequency of roof inspections in the future; new homes do not demand as many regular inspections as the older ones.

Things to consider facilitating roof inspections.

• Broken, loose, or missing tiles
• Curled, blistered, or split shingles
• Loose or exposed nails
• Granules in gutters
• Ridge sagging
• Flashing damage
• Rusty metal in the valleys, plumbing vents, chimneys, and
vertical sides where the house meets the roof
• Pools of water on flat roofs
• Overflowing gutters
• Water pooling near the foundation of the structure
• Depressions near vent pipes

At Effective Building & Consultancy, our roof condition reports identify and manage any issues with your roof for efficient functioning of the roof and to ensure protection of your assets. Any structural issues will be addressed in our report, particularly if they are impeding the normal drainage function. This will be in conjunction with a comprehensive report, overviewing the overall health status of the structures. This is also an inexpensive way to avoid costly restoration or replacement of the roof in the future. We at Effective Building & Consultancy can provide you with a complete Inspection Report in as little as 24 hours!
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