Structural Engineering

At Effective Building & Consultancy, we have the best amalgamation of tools and software needed for providing structural analysis and design services for a wide range of structures. Annually, we work on a vast number of architectural and industrial projects.

A few of the many structural engineering services we offer are architectural design projects, renovations, alterations, additions, offices, shops, retaining walls, tilt-up constructions, and swimming pools. Our experienced structural engineers use design analysis and CAD softwares for detailed and easy-to-interpret structural drawings and notes. With proper coordination with our design team, we made it easier to do the CAD drafting phase and other aspects of electronic drawings.

Civil Engineering

Are you looking for civil engineering solutions to plan, design, build residential and commercial infrastructure and other construction aspects? If so, you must outsource the civil engineering services of Effective Building & Consultancy.

At EBC, we leverage state-of-the-art technology and world-class engineers to participate in advanced design practices and provide cost-effective civil engineering solutions that enable you to adapt and develop design developments.

EBC’s civil engineering services enable us to provide civil engineering consulting and real-time solutions to help designers, architects, builders, and companies work more efficiently.

Electrical Engineering

Effective Building & Consultancy’s electrical engineering services can help you achieve the desired results by designing or installing the right electrical systems. We provide a broad range of electrical engineering services at the most reasonable costs. We ensure that our optimise solutions and all the power system components are aligned to your business goals.

At EBC, we have invested in state-of-the-art software, including AutoCAD, CAD, Microstation, SmartDraw, ProDesign, etc. Our electrical engineering experts comply with the Australian compliance standards. Each drawing endures strict quality inspection to ensure that the highest electrical schematic quality is rendered to the customer.

Mechanical Engineering

For the past 20 years, Effective Building & Consultancy has been providing engineering solutions and value-added services. Our mechanical engineers have experience in analyzing, designing, manufacturing, and maintaining various mechanical systems.

As part of our mechanical engineering services, we offer a vast range of engineering solutions, including drawing, design, animation, graphics, CAD-related services to meet our customers’ diverse business needs.

By outsourcing us, you can stay competitive by improving resource utilisation, refining product innovation, shortening development cycles and product development costs, and gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Fire Engineering

Effective Building & Consultancy provides fire safety engineering services for projects across New South Wales. We will help you to ensure that your property or building complies with current fire safety guidance cost-effectively.

Combined with the latest research and modelling tools and our extensive knowledge of fire safety engineering, our experienced engineers will work with your design team to ensure that you have the right design every time.

Effective Building & Consultancy engineers have extensive knowledge of all wet fire services such as fire hydrants, fast response, standard response sprinkler systems, hose reels, dry fire alarm detection, and occupant warning gaseous suppression systems. They have an excellent reputation for integrity and providing the highest level of care and expertise on all their projects, no matter the size and location.

Our experience on several projects in Sydney also means we can work with relevant authorities to secure the necessary approvals and comply with Australian design codes.

Hydraulics Engineering

Effective Building & Consultancy is one of the leaders in custom hydraulic equipment design and consultancy.

Our team applies their vast knowledge, experience, and skill to partner with their customers to identify and meet their specific needs and challenges. Their engineers are true craftsmen who offer highly innovative solutions that address various complex issues using industry expertise and technical knowledge.

EBC can provide efficient and economical plumbing systems for residential, commercial, industrial, and technology facilities. We have designers who can utilise the latest computer software and provide designs that take advantage of the latest construction techniques and materials to provide affordable and energy-efficient projects.

We can also provide a comprehensive range of services, including:

·         Roof drainage systems

·         Sanitary plumbing and drainage systems

·         Trade waste plumbing and drainage systems

·         Hot water services

·         Cold water services

·         Gas systems

·         Sanitary fixtures and tapware scheduling

·         Landscape watering systems

·         Waste water re-use systems

·         Recycled water systems

·         Swimming pools, spas, and water features

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