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Effective Building and Consultancy have been conducting residential and commercial building inspections Sydney wide since 2000.

Building & Pest Inspections

Building and Pest Inspections are like your own home buying radar. Licensed builders who are also qualified pest inspectors are rare to find.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Reports

Building inspection reports by our qualified building inspectors help you make an informed decision before buying a property in Sydney. Reports done fast enough to confirm your decision before the cooling off period.

Pre Purchase Commercial Building Inspection

A Pre Purchase Commercial Building Inspection is just as important as a Pre Purchase Building Inspection as you are making a big financial decision so it is important to ensure it is the right one!

NCAT Disputes

NCAT formally known as CTTT (Consumer, Trader & Tenancy Tribunal) can hear and determine applications lodged by home owners, traders and insurers about residential building work up to the value of $500,000 under the Home Building Act 1989.

Structural Engineer Report

It is important to have a Structural Engineer Inspection conducted should you feel the property you are purchasing or living in, may have an Structural concerns.

Dilapidation Building Report

A Dilapidation Building Report is an inspection with a written report, which includes photographs of a building, property, council assets and/or neighbouring properties prior to Construction works commencing.

Building Defects Inspection

A Building Defects Inspection will cover and evaluate all the different areas of a property such as the walls, roof, framing, concrete, retaining walls, and so on to ensure the property is defect free.sewer-diagrams

Sewer Diagrams

Changes to vendor disclosure requirements from 1 September 2017 advise an additional sewer diagram is required to show the location of sewer lines in relation to the subject property. Reference: click here

Building Repaires

It is very common to find minor and major deficiencies and defects at a property when you are looking at purchasing, renting or selling a property.

Asbestos Inspection Report

Asbestos can be very harmful towards your family and friends hence the reason why it is so important to have an asbestos inspection conducted by our highly professional team to ensure your home and family are free from this harmful material.

Building Completion Report

A Building Completion Report is a post construction inspection which identifies any and all defects, incomplete work and/or poor or substandard finishes.

Electrical Inspection Report

When buying a property, we recommend all our clients to obtain an Electrical inspection with your building and pest inspection report.

Home Warranty Inspection

A home owner’s warranty inspection is required when a new property has been built and the owner wishes to obtain home warranty insurance which is mandatory when selling a newly built property.

ID Survey Report

The survey diagram will be able to show you the boundaries of the property and a simple outline of the buildings showing their relationship to the boundaries.

Pest Inspection Report

A Pest inspection is another really important inspection which should be conducted when looking at purchasing a property.

Plumbing Inspection

When buying a house, we recommend all clients to obtain a Plumbing Inspection combined with your Building Inspection Report.

Pre-Purchase Pool Inspection

A swimming pool can be quite costly when maintaining is especially when there are issues, such as leaks, which can cost a fortune in repairs.

Strata Inspection Report

This strata inspection is carried out in accordance with Section 108 of the Strata Management Act.

Termite Inspection

Most Australian’s aren’t yet aware of the importance of a termite inspection nor the damage termites can cause to one’s home

Thermal Pest Inspection

EBC have adopted thermal imaging to enhance our inspections by using the latest Bullard T3 Max Thermal Imaging Camera which is a new, high technological detection system that is quick, effective and does not require any damage to houses.

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