Learn how to do a #DIY building and pest inspection before booking an expensive company. This could save you lots of money! DIY inspections can save you $100s! Learn the basics of what an inspector looks for before spending money on a company.

    EBC inspectors are all fully licensed builders. And we have all done our pest inspection certifications with TAFE NSW. As the most qualified inspectors in Sydney, you can be sure to get fast and accurate answers in your reports. If you’re in need of a building and pest inspection Sydney service, book an appointment with our inspectors today.

    What is a Building Pest Inspections ?

    A Building Pest Inspections combination is the most common minimum report that buyers order when they put an offer on a house. 

    The Building Inspection covers the structural defects of the construction and drainage to highlight any issues. 

    The Pest Inspection searches for evidence of wood boring pests that will cause damage to the frame over time. 

    Combining the two saves time and money. With only one site visit required, it is cheaper for you and MUCH easier to arrange with real estate agents for access.

    Building Pest Inspections

    Building Pest Inspections Reports Delivered within 24 hours!

    We promise you’ll have your report within 2 business days of booking. This means you can leave it until you have chosen a property and placed an offer, and still get your report before the cooling off period expires. 

    Even if you want your report before placing an offer, our turn-around time gives you the best chance of making your decision before another buyer puts an offer on. When buying a house, you want to get a report on as few properties as possible, but as many as is required to make a safe decision. That’s why we do our building and pest inspection Sydney reports so fast.

    The reports are written to the Australian Standard (AS 4349.1). A written report is provided as a PDF via email within 24 hours of your booking. We follow a robust proforma and checklist, so you can be confident that we check everything thoroughly. Photo of the site and especially and problem areas are clearly included in the report.


    Building Pest Inspections Anywhere in the Greater Sydney Region

    With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, working with clients from Sydney and nearby towns, Effective Building & Consultancy have become leaders in building and pest inspection in New South Wales. 

    We focus on delivering the highest quality service to all of our clients at competitive prices. We are confident with providing you the most thorough inspection you can get on the market, and our staff will spend enough time with you to make sure all the questions or concerns you might have will be answered.

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    As always a pleasure to work with! Secured my 5th purchase with confidence thanks to the reliable inspection.
    James Riley

    Why should you regularly get pest inspections of your building?

    Regular pest inspections are essential for maintaining the integrity of your building and safeguarding against potential infestations. Pest problems can escalate quickly, leading to significant damage and costly repairs if left unchecked. By scheduling routine inspections with Effective Consultancy, you can identify and address pest issues promptly, protecting your investment and ensuring the health and safety of occupants.
    building and pest inspections

    What are the steps involved in building pest inspection?

    Our building and pest inspection process involves a systematic approach designed to uncover any potential issues and provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your property’s condition. The steps include:
    Building bond and mandatory defect inspection reports
    • Initial Assessment: Our experienced inspectors will conduct a thorough examination of the exterior and interior of your building to identify any signs of pest activity or damage.
    • Identification of Pest Species: We’ll identify the specific pests present on your property, including termites, rodents, insects, and other common pests.
    • Evaluation of Risk Factors: We’ll assess various factors that could contribute to pest infestations, such as moisture levels, structural vulnerabilities, and environmental conditions.
    • Inspection of Access Points: Our team will inspect potential entry points for pests, including cracks, crevices, gaps, and openings in the building’s foundation, walls, and roof.
    • Report Generation: Upon completion of the inspection, we’ll provide you with a detailed report outlining our findings, including any pest-related issues discovered, along with recommendations for treatment and prevention.

    Trust Effective Consultancy for all your building and pest inspection needs in Sydney. With our expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction, you can rest assured knowing that your property is in capable hands.

    Contact us today to schedule your inspection and protect your investment against pest-related risks.

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