At Effective Building & Consultancy, we have the best amalgamation of tools and software needed for providing structural analysis and design services for a wide range of structures. Annually, we work on a vast number of architectural, industrial and commercial projects in Sydney.

A few of the many structural engineering services we offer are architectural design projects, renovations, alterations, additions, offices, shops, retaining walls, tilt-up constructions, and swimming pools. 

Our experienced structural engineers use design analysis and CAD softwares for detailed and easy-to-interpret structural drawings and notes. With proper coordination with our design team, we made it easier to do the CAD drafting phase and other aspects of electronic drawings.


I was very pleased when the Asbestos in our new house we ended up purchasing picked up during our Asbestos Inspection, as my wife and I were planning on doing renovations to this home and this was now a safety hazard that has now been picked up, hence it is good we have now been made aware of the Asbestos present in our house.
Kumar. Prakash
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