Don’t risk having termites infest your home to save a few hundred dollars in inspection costs in the short run, as most people don’t look at the big picture and see they could potentially save thousands of dollars in repair costs should they have a termite infestation.

Important Termite Facts
Did you know that approximately one in five homes in Australia is attacked by termites? Termite damage amounts to $700 million dollars each year in Australia. Did you know that termite damage is not covered by home insurance? – source CSIRO.
The Importance of a Termite Inspection

As you would now be aware termites can be one of the most expensive problem’s to have in your home, however if found early or possibly even prevented by doing regular 6 monthly termite inspections you can potentially save thousands of dollars in termite damage repair costs.

At Effective Building & Consultancy one of our most highly recommended inspection services is a termite inspection, as this service is the one which could potentially save you thousands of dollars in repair costs and keep your home free from termites having a peace of mind.

I was completely satisfied with the home warranty insurance inspection performed by Effective Building & Consultancy and was impressed by their competitive rates! Absolutely unbeatable!
Audrey K