Arvin Lemuel E

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Project Engineer

Arvin Lemuel Espino Velasquez

I have 6 years working experience in manufacturing industry as Production Engineer, Process Engineer, Innovation Engineer and Operations Leader. I am in charge in technical and management department where on technical side, I do evaluation of process and product. Also creating documentations such as Work instruction, check sheet and procedure. On management side, I do in charge on workers training and output monitoring.

Experience & Activities

Relevant qualifications:

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

Relevant prior experience:

I have worked as Process Engineer in manufacturing industry where I do some evaluation of the product and process and documentation.
I have also work as Production Innovation where I looking some improvement on existing product process and product design.

I am highly experienced in technical and management field and also in documentation. I have also a certification for Basic and Advanced Autocad NCII and Knowledgeable on doing reports for Dilapidation & Building and Inspection Report.