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Project Engineer

Benjie P. Lagoc

I just started working with EBC this 2020 and initially written building and pest reports through photographic evidences. I went on to work with several property inspection reports as well as dilapidation and defects reports.

Experience & Activities

Relevant qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
  • Licensed Mechanical Engineer (PRC License Number: 100052)
  • Certification for Basic Occupational Safety and Health


Relevant prior experience:

I have worked as an intern for a facilities management firm, and assisted in conducting preventive and corrective maintenance on industrial equipment inside hotels and other establishments. My duty also includes quality check on newly renovated units of hotels and condominiums.
I have also worked as a process engineer for a food manufacturing company where I’ve been assigned to inspect and monitor the structural condition of the production plant. I’ve written reports and recommendations on my findings and cooperated with the facilities department. 


From my previous experiences, I was trained to be attentive to details and I was still able to apply that skill in writing inspection reports.

I also have fundamental knowledge in estimating air-conditioning specifications, and 2D and 3D computer aided drafting.