Sandy Farah

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Sandy Farah

I come from a corporate office background, previously working as a HR Assistant in a recruitment company, moving on to a PA in the NSW Police Headquarters, then finally working as a Senior Client Service Officer at the NSW Trustee and Guardian. From my various roles I undertook within these companies I was able to learn a broad range of crucial skills which I was able to bring with me to EBC to implement.

Professional Skills

Human Resource Management 98%
Strategic Planning 97%
Development 96%
Organizational 99%

Experience & Activities

I have been working with Effective Building & Consultancy since 2006, just once year after Establishment. I began as an office all-rounder, assisting wherever needed from answering phone calls, client meetings, accounting, book keeping, HR, property report writing, expanding and better structuring the business, beginning new business ventures, to even assisting onsite with interior design decisions. I now hold the role of Company Manager where I oversee the business operations and performance, ensure everything is running smoothly and make managerial decisions where needed.

I am excellent at organisational skills which is a key attribute I have brought to EBC and has helped the company be where it is today. Furthermore, I am a quick learner which has helped me adapt promptly to working in the construction industry and learning many new skills.

As the Accounts manager, Sandy contributes to the developmentand implementation of EBC’s strategic planning and oversees the daily operations of the business. She ensures that optimal operating procedures are implemented throughout the company and gives direction to employees, ensuring they remain highly motivated.