Do you need an expert witness report for a building dispute? If you have an impending building dispute between you and your builder/contractor, you need an independent consultant to assist with mediation or to present in NCAT hearings. Effective Building & Consultancy has experience providing relevant litigation reports such as Expert Witness Reports and other evidence in building disputes. Our Litigation NCAT Home Building Reports are structured for submission to the NCAT hearing as per the Lawyers’ instructions. We provide NCAT Reports Sydney locals rely on to resolve building claims and disputes in a timely, cost-effective manner.

What is an Expert Witness Report

Many disputes can arise from variations to the contract. The Expert Witness Report includes all relevant evidence, methods of rectification and cost estimates to rectify defects and incomplete works. Scott Schedules are also required to summarise the report and cost claims. They accompany applications lodged with the NCAT, help you assess variation claims against original documents and resolve disputes between parties.
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NCAT Compliant Independent Expert Witness Reports

Our building consultants inspect relevant works in reference to Building Code of Australia and acceptable tolerances. We create special purpose building reports that are customised to suit our clients’ individual requirements. They are made in compliance with the New South Wales Civil & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) and NSW courts system requirements. 

We provide a detailed Scott Schedule, cost workings estimates as well as visual records to corroborate defects. When you need an unbiased, professional opinion of any procedural directions, our building expert witness report allows you a level of detail specifically suited for your intended purpose. Work with Effective Building & Consultancy today. We deliver quality, cost-effective reports to assist with dispute resolution. We have experience representing the owner, owner’s corporation or contractor, and always aim for equitable and fair outcomes.

What Our Comprehensive Expert Witness Reports Cover

These are some main elements our Building Expert Witness Reports/NCAT Home Building Reports are expected to cover:

  • Building Defect Issues (Building Inspection Special Investigation Report) — poor or defective workmanship and/or incomplete works
  • Scott Schedules — which itemise the defect items and areas of non-compliance with the National Construction Code of Australia, Australian Standards and published acceptable standards and tolerances
  • Our opinion on the cause, scope of remedial works and photos corroborating the defect items
  • When applicable, our expert reports will detail the works required to rectify the issues alongside an estimate of the cost to repair the underlying building elements
  • NCAT Professional Witness declaration

Talk to Effective Building & Consultancy today to get your relevant documents prepared. We always prepare reports in compliance to relevant Australian Standards. We can give you an impartial expert opinion and determine remedial works where applicable for your building litigation support. 

Why You Need An Expert Report From An Independent Witness

Whether you are a builder, tenant or an owner in a dispute, you’ll need a Building Expert Witness Report if you intend on making a claim in the court or tribunal for litigation. 

Effective Building & Consultancy provides Expert Witness Reports/NCAT Building Reports as part of your litigation support for building disputes before the NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal members and the Courts. We fully abide by the NCAT Chairman’s Directions Expert Witness Code of Conduct. Furthermore, we also have experience in council meetings and giving advice in relation to our reports.

Legally Enforceable Building Expert Witness Reports

Your Litigation NCAT Building Reports are completed by an expert building consultant with home building related expertise. Our qualified building inspector will assess the condition of the works in dispute. We will report any defects in reference to the National Construction Code, and the Guide to Standards and Tolerances. 

Following our building inspection and investigation, we record our observations and findings in the Special Purpose Building Report. Together with photographs and visual records of the defects, we will provide our recommendation regarding suitable, cost-effective repairs.

We examine conditions and compliance, perform tests for rectification and remedial works in a measurable way. For example, we carry out exploratory works and invasive testing for water ingress issues. This is so that we can precisely outline responsibilities in relation to the building work in dispute and provide a legally enforceable report.

NCAT Preparation Documents We Require From Clients

As part of your NCAT Reports Sydney litigation support, we require the following documentation:
  • Contract or agreement between you and contractor/builder/other party
  • Written description of relevant timeline
  • Information regarding the defects
  • Plans & specifications
  • Have you discontinued the contract? On what basis?
  • What stage is the work at?
  • NCAT Orders/Court Notices
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Talk To An Expert Building Consultant Today

Effective Building & Consultancy can assist you with a comprehensive Litigation NCAT Building Report for effective and fair outcomes. If you need your own expert witness to resolve an ongoing building dispute, don’t hesitate to contact us. Simply book online or give our friendly team a call to discuss your needs.

Thank you effective building for such a great job! Inspection was very thorough, inspector was on time and our staff are all so professional.
Lorice Chahda
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