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What Does a Thermal Imaging Camera Do?

With modern Thermal Imaging Cameras, we can detect areas of moisture or thermal inconsistencies and make a diagnosis. Infrared technology is used to detect heat in small spaces. It is perfect for use in termite inspections in Sydney as it can detect colonies that are massed together and make it easier for the inspector to pinpoint the infestation location.

Moisture is the leading cause of buildings’ problems; it is also the most common finding for building and pest inspectors. Water is almost always the source of major issues needing attention, from leaking shower recesses to rising or penetrating damp to roof leaks to condensation issues with potential mould growth and termite damage.

Having the ability to diagnose and identify moisture issues within a building allows the prospective purchaser to be better informed before the pre settlement of the property, reducing the risks associated with moisture significantly.


Adopting the Latest Thermal Technology

EBC has adopted thermal imaging to enhance our inspections by using the latest Bullard T3 Max Thermal Imaging Camera, a new, high technological detection system that is quick, effective, and does not require any damage to houses. At Effective Building & Consultancy, we Endeavour to provide all of our clients with the most advanced technology available while maintaining a competitive price.

What is a Thermal Imaging Camera?

A thermal imaging camera is an inspection tool used, and like all tools, there are limitations and advantages. A thermal camera will not expose all defects and/or termite workings. However, it provides enormous advantages, and when combined with other inspections, it will give a broader, more comprehensive evaluation of the inspected building condition. Infrared cameras can see more than the naked eye and more than our moisture meters. They can be used in the right conditions to detect and pinpoint locations of various significant concerns ranging from termites, termite damage, window leakage, missing thermal insulation, energy effectiveness of the building envelope, to overheating electrical equipment. EBC highly recommend a thermal pest inspection with your building and pest inspection as it assists in detecting many items that may be of concern, which are concealed by wall linings. These include termite damage or termite sub-nests, moisture damage, and many other building issues.
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