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About Property Rezoning

We have come to a new era, with technology rising Rezoning is a company which has been born to group together any loose ends.

We work with the top 10 consultants in NSW to create a consolidated service for all your rezoning needs. We take the stress out of rezoning a property by doing all the hard work and running around for you, leaving you to only deal with one person. We service all types of clients from anyone looking to rezone their property, investors looking to buy and rezone a property, or a developer who needs our advice and expertise to help rezone their development sites. 

At Rezoning, we lead the industry with our ability to acquire Australia’s primary development sites. With our team’s solid expertise, our leading-edge computing technology, innovative skills, and strong relationship skills we ensure that we find, rezone, and develop sites with the highest possible returns on your valuable investment.

Our main objective at Rezoning is to find properties that can potentially be rezoned to a higher density leaving your pocket much fuller creating a win-win situation for all parties involved. We understand it is a powerful asset that plays an important role in wealth creation. 

Some investors may have limited cash and require a joint venture partnership to complete their development, which is where we come in. At Rezoning, we will fund your project and give you the highest possible returns with the least frustrations.

If you are holding a commercial property that is underdeveloped or holds a decent size block of land and you would like to maximize your capital growth, we are the commercial inspectors in Sydney that will come and assess your property and provides you with the best options to suit your property which we ensure will present a strong investment opportunity with high returns. 

Choose Us

Why Choose Us

  • We have the capacity to fund your project using a list of key investors. 
  • We can service Australia wide.
  • We cover all development sectors. 
  • We will project manage all the consultants required to rezone your property to obtain the highest development yield, not forgetting the designs and we will ensure your project is profitable. 
  • Our price is firm, with no hidden costs and we don’t like to waste your time and money. We ensure the development application has been scrutinized by our team, who look at different angles and have a major push in the industry, prior to approval submission. Our consultants will add value and the impact will create further wealth.

At Rezoning, we project manage a range of consultants from town planners whom can assess the likelihood of obtaining the approval, designers whom can provide you with a real-life image of the project, engineers to investigate technical issues that may arise, heritage consultants whom can justify its historic impacts, builders whom can provide you with a cost verification of the project, and the list goes on…

We will ensure that everyone is doing their part, and we will push the project to its limits. Our teams of consultants are highly dedicated, passionate, and have extensive experience in achieving successful results by getting your property rezoned.

So why choose us? We are your consolidated service for all your rezoning needs and currently, the only company in Australia who provide all the services we do taking out the stresses of the running around and planning when it comes to rezoning. Furthermore, not only do we have the expertise in the industry and the manpower behind us, we are a trusted Australian company that has a passion for the property market helping achieve great wealth for each and every one of ours. 


Our Services

Strategic planning proposals for Rezoning of property 

    • Preparing a design for the initial council meeting
    • Preparing LEP Lodgement
    • Preparing DA\CC 

Property Acquisition 

    • Search for properties which can be further developed
    • Find properties for investors to Land Banking for the future
    • Joint Venture 

Development Feasibility Study 

    • Research 
    • Profit calculations
    • Project Forecasting 

At Rezoning, we are not a company that generalises based on your land size. Every property has potential and we will research and provide you with the best recommendations to suit your property. If you would like to discuss our services further and how we can assist you please give us a call on (02) 9613 3353 and let one of our qualified staff discuss your options. 

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