Residential & Commercial Building Inspections

Effective Building and Consultancy Building Inspectors have helped thousands of customers buying, selling, building or maintaining properties.

We service all areas throughout Sydney including Sydney CBD, Northern Suburbs, Northern Beaches, Campbelltown and South Sydney, East Suburbs, Inner West, Parramatta, Hills District, Hawkesbury, Windsor and even the Blue Mountains and the Central Coast.

Effective Building & Consultancy Guarantee

Effective Building & Consultancy offers you peace of mind, which is highly recommended and required when purchasing or maintaining a new or existing property, as many defects can be hidden from the naked eye, which is why we are here to help.

Effective Building & Consultancy assures you that all of our building inspections carried out by our highly qualified team of inspectors are in a professional and thorough manner.

We assure that all physically accessible areas of the property are thoroughly inspected and we provide you with a complete coverage building inspection report from the sub-floor area to the roof void. This is not a guarantee that most inspection companies can promise you!

Company Profile

At Effective Building & Construction Group, we’ve combined all of our property owners needs into a one stop service provider. Our company is dedicated to helping you when it comes to buying, building, and maintaining a property.



Since our formation in 2000, Effective Building & Consultancy has developed from a sole trading building inspection company to a well-established professional inspection company comprising of a vastly unique team of highly qualified, trained, and experienced inspectors.

GET YOUR BUILDING REPORTS in 48 hours anywhere in Sydney!


Clients Testimonials

Effective Building & Construction Group were very professional and provided assessment report and updates in a prompt manner. Will definitely consider engaging them again for future post construction dilapidation assessment reports

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