At Effective Building & Consultancy we understand the frustrations you may encounter during Building Dispute & proceeding to the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT). If you’re working through a Building Dispute with NCAT, we can provide you with the support and evidence required for your dispute, in order to help you reach a favourable resolution. Call now to discuss your needs with an expert today.

What are Home Building Disputes?

‘Home building’ refers to any residential building work done by a building contractor or tradesperson, such as the construction of a new home, building of an extension to an existing home, installation of a swimming pool or a renovation of a bathroom or kitchen. If there is an issue with your home or building project, or one party has refused to honour their side of the deal, it can quickly become a dispute requiring mediation or negotiation.

When it comes down to it, most disputes revolve around money. And ultimately, you want to get the results you paid for. Our job is to make sure this happens through proper documentation and comprehensive reporting. We can help you make an airtight home building claim, and give you the proof you need to make a compelling case with real evidence.

Home building claims that you can ask NCAT to resolve include:

  • Home owner’s non-payment for building work
  • Owner Building Defect reports
  • Building work not carried out as agreed in the contract
  • Defective or incomplete work
  • Insurance claim
ncat building dispute

What Can Effective Building & Consultancy Do to Help If You Are Dealing with Building Disputes & Proceeding to NCAT?

In order for your claim to be favourable in your interest you will need to provide evidence on your hearing date at the Tribunal to prove your claim. Hence a professional report from a building expert is required along with a Scott schedule which includes the costs to rectify all defective work found. A building expert from Effective Building & Consultancy can also be present on the day of your hearing, as further information from the building expert may be required to help prove your claim. 

Effective Building & Consultancy highly recommend you carry out a professional building dilapidation report along with a Scott schedule to help support your claim and also to have a building expert present on the day of your hearing.

What is NCAT?

NCAT is the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal. They offer NCAT services can help you resolve an issue or disagreement fairly, in accordance with the law. 

NCAT provides a cheaper and more efficient alternative to the courts for dispute resolution, offering their services to homeowners, tradespeople and insurers involving residential building work costing $500,000 or less.

How Do You Prepare for a Building Dispute with NCAT?

Your first step is to refer the matter to NSW Fair Trading. They will be able to then give you approval to apply to NCAT for dispute resolution. Then, you will need to go through the application process, and prepare the evidence for your case. This is where we come in. Effective Building & Consultancy can help you prepare evidence through a comprehensive property inspection in Sydney. Our team of experienced building inspectors can prepare a full report and Scott Schedule (see below) to get you ready to prove your case through NCAT. 

Often we will recommend that our clients seek legal advice from building and construction lawyers to build a comprehensive and compelling case. It’s also important to remember that if dispute resolution is unsuccessful it will allow parties to make claims to the value of $500,000, in accordance with the Home Building Act 1989.

Once you have your evidence, you can submit your NCAT application.

ncat building dispute report

What is a Scott Schedule?

A Scott Schedule is a form which allows parties to itemise defective and incomplete works which are the subject of a home building dispute. They are generally used in complex home building matters and/or where there are a number of defects.

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If you’ve found yourself in a complicated position and require assistance with a NCAT building dispute, Effective Building & Consultancy can help. With years of experience in NCAT disputes across a broad and diverse range of cases, we can help you prepare all necessary NCAT documents to give you the best chance at resolving commercial and residential building disputes in your favour. 

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Excellent, Excellent, Excellent!! Effective Building helped me greatly during my CTTT Dispute I was facing; it was a very stressful period for me however all the staff were extremely professional, informative & thorough, highly recommended!
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