Mark Duaqui

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Project Engineer

Mark Quiel P. Duaqui

I am skilled and dedicated with a background in engineering and project management. With experience in the manufacturing industry, ensuring the highest standards of product quality and compliance with industry regulations. Additionally, my role in a property management engineering department provided me with valuable experience in coordinating and organizing project timelines, resources.

Experience & Activities

Relevant qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering
  • Certification for Basic Occupational Safety and Health


Relevant prior experience:

As a Quality Assurance Officer in a manufacturing company, I honed my project management skills by overseeing and implementing various quality improvement initiatives.
I also served as an Administrative Assistant for a property management division in an international based company. I took on the responsibility of preparing comprehensive reports using Xactimate software, a powerful tool widely used in the insurance and property restoration industry.


With a background as an Administrative Assistant in property management, I can use my experience in preparing Dilapidation & Defects Reports. Proficient in using industry-standard software, I ensure that these reports are comprehensive, accurate, and delivered with efficiency, contributing to streamlined property management processes.