5 step by step procedure to rezoning your property
  • February 17, 2023
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Rezoning is rezoning a parcel of property from one kind to another, such as industrial to residential. Land zones govern what kind of buildings and uses can be built and/or undertaken on that land. 

In other words, a residential residence cannot be built in an industrial zone, and a commercial factory cannot be built in a residential zone. Or, at the very least, only with a rezoning of that specific tract of land.

Zoning is significant because it helps with town planning and protects various forms of land use. However, a successful rezone must show why such a change is necessary and how that change will affect the neighboring areas.

5 Steps of the Rezoning Process

Depending on the nature of the rezoning, the project may require a significant amount of groundwork. The significant experience in Effective Building & Consultancy in assisting clients with rezoning applications can assist you in getting your project back on track. 

Rezoning can typically take years to complete, so working with Elie Farah can assist in ensuring that there are no delays in an already lengthy process.

One of the more prevalent rezoning petitions is the rezone of farming property on Sydney’s outskirts to develop residential dwellings and estates. This method includes developing a structured plan, a long-term document that provides a vision for the following decade. These materials include an overview of the expansion area planning as well as the participation of the public and commercial sectors.

Other sorts of rezoning may be a little faster. For example, simpler sorts of rezoning between different residential uses may only necessitate a Council procedural rezoning process. Still, even these may require a panel hearing, which differs from a VCAT hearing.

The panel then makes recommendations to the Council, which can approve or reject the proposals.

1. Development Applications and Management

A Development Application may be required before making any alterations to a building, land, property, or occupying premises (DA). Effective Building & Consultancy’s expertise identifies critical difficulties connected to your application and the potential consequences. 

Our organization has extensive experience coordinating and analyzing specialist consultants’ findings to generate successful and timely outcomes for our clients. To present your application in the best possible light, we construct and manage multi-disciplinary teams that include a wide range of advisors from various disciplines.

Our ability to examine your development proposal against planning criteria in local planning regulations and state legislation to achieve a favourable outcome while meeting all legal requirements is a significant strength.

Effective Building & Consultancy has vast experience in preparing, submitting, and negotiating Development Applications for various projects.

2. Feasibility Studies and Due Diligence

Our preliminary planning advice (including Due Diligence reports) gives our clients an idea of a property’s development potential based on existing or future planning instruments, state and legislative requirements, and other factors. 

Our most recent project, changing the zone from SP2 to R3 for a 44,000m2 or 4.4ha plot on Box Hill, yielding roughly 60 homes, began by identifying critical concerns early on and implementing methods to maximize your property’s development potential.

3. Rezoning and Master Planning

Regarding greenfield ventures, rezoning land is a complex but often necessary procedure. Rezoning is typically used to address far more significant changes in land use. 

Rezoning is typically required when constructing new estates since it entails converting property that was previously classified for industrial or agricultural use into residential or mixed-use land. It is also prevalent in rural or regional areas, where land originally classified for one form of agriculture is rezoned for another.

Effective Building & Consultancy has vast expertise in assisting businesses and local authorities throughout Sydney with land rezoning. Our team has a demonstrated track record of developing, evolving, producing, and approving rezoning reports and master plans for various land uses.

Effective Building & Consultancy can prepare detailed rezoning reports that provide solid justification for a proposal by carefully integrating the findings of customised multi-disciplinary teams of consultants, ensuring the presentation and negotiation at Council and planning NSW in the most favorable light.

Impact of Home Zoning on Your Loan

It stands to reason that zoning will impact your home loan application. A lender may analyze a property and, for whatever reason, deny your loan application. There could be some technical issues depending on your capacity to acquire, but it usually boils down to the legal zoning status of the land. 

You may have discovered a property that lacks residential zoning or is in the process of being converted from a commercial to a residential property. Zoning will develop to accommodate new purposes as neighborhoods change over time. One of the causes of mixed-zoned properties is this.

Lenders are hesitant to finance the purchase of such properties. They adjust their primary usage based on the full use in the neighborhood. Fewer individuals will desire to use them for residential purposes if they are increasingly used for business purposes. Mixed zone properties are more volatile than solely commercial or residential assets.

Mixed-zone residences are more difficult to resell, even in the best housing markets. Lenders dislike the level of risk they assume if you borrow for this type of property and then try to get out of the loan owing to changes in the region due to commercial development.

Zoning Is A Big Factor

The greatest thing you can do is remember that zoning can be significant, like other issues that can hinder your house loan application. The zoning status of your home could determine the difference between securing a home loan and not. 

You should consider the zoning regulations for the various homes or properties you’re buying. Don’t let zoning prevent you from gaining the location you want. It is ultimately up to the consent authorities to decide on the application.

4. Land and Environment and Supreme Courts

Effective Building & Consultancy has extensive expertise in preparing statements of evidence and providing expert witnesses in hearings before the NSW Land and Environment, Local, and Supreme Courts. 

Effective Building & Consultancy is qualified to offer feasible alternatives as part of this procedure for an application to be authorized by the Court. We also represent clients in court-sponsored mediation as well as onsite hearings.

5. Mediation, Dispute Resolution, and Community Consultation

Because most development projects involve opposing interests, Effective Building & Consultancy excels at communication, negotiation, and problem-solving. 

Effective Building & Consultancy has extensive experience in client representation at Council, court-sponsored mediation, and onsite hearings. It is skilled in articulating persuasive arguments and strategies to achieve problem resolution for all planning and development projects, regardless of scale.

Working closely with councils and outlining the merits of a project to the essential parties, Effective Building & Consultancy successfully gets approvals for many challenging applications.

Why Use Effective Building Consultancy?

Our property consultant, Elie Farah, has years of experience assisting our clients in achieving their rezoning objectives. We are well-positioned to assist you in organising and arranging everything you need to build a solid rezoning application and related reports due to our comprehensive range of planning and land rezoning services. 

Many of Sydney’s local governments rely on Elie Farah as a trusted consultant for their own town planning and rezoning work. Many of our employees have extensive experience working within various municipalities.

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