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  • January 27, 2021
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You may wonder how much building and pest inspection cost and learn if it’s worth spending. But before that, let me just share with you first some of the things about Effective Building & Consultancy.

Who are We?

EBC has a team of qualified inspectors who do building and pest inspections. We provide our clients with some invaluable insights. Some of these are:

  • Potentially expensive or dangerous building defects
  • Assess the building’s ability to cope with local environmental issues.
  • Provide peace of mind as the purchase is a sound investment.
  • Determine whether there is a guarantee of title or any financial encumbrance hanging over the property.

For 20 years in service, we learned to find out which inspections are required, who should conduct them, and how much it cost.

What’s Involved in a Building and Pest Inspection Cost?

Whether you’re a seller or a buyer, you need to obtain an independent building inspection report. As a buyer, the minimum request when buying a newly built property is the builder’s certificate of occupancy. 

However, if you’re buying a second-hand property, it’s a good idea to engage an inspector who conducts a building and pest inspection. This is important because such a report would detect structural defects and infestation.

In some states, there are time limits on when you can report issues after purchase. Using a building inspection report would help in meeting those deadlines and accessing legal recourse when necessary.

Not doing anything is a huge mistake for buyers. A short-term saving achieved by doing an inspection can turn into a longer-term nightmare if there are defects. 

A combined building and pest inspection is the common building inspection. Buyers who invest in these are able to budget for future costs. Buyers should act promptly on this as delay can affect subsequent insurance premiums.

Inspections can detect structural defects and risks even on water damage. They also confirm that the building complies with registered plans. If they don’t confirm, the local council can ask for rectification.

Who Should Perform a Building and Pest Inspection?

There are qualified building inspectors who can perform different types of inspections. The most practical is to have someone who can do both building and pest inspections. Choosing people who are qualified to handle more issues is very practical.

Effective Building and Consultancy have building inspectors and certifiers who have an in-depth knowledge of the industry. We have decades of experience to know what to look out for. Our members adhere to the association’s code of conduct.

How Much Do Building and Pest Inspection Cost?

Many factors affect the building and pest inspection cost. These include the complexity of the structure and the property’s location.

For example, a building of over 150 squares on a steeply sloping block would require inspection. The inspection cost depends on whether it’s located in the regional or metropolitan area and the property size.

The good news is that EBC building and pest inspection cost represents excellent value for money. When you consider us for the price of building and pest inspection, you could save tens of thousands of dollars. We assist you further by avoiding difficult problems or by helping with your negotiations.

Our building and pest inspection cost are worthy as our reports are the most thorough and informative you will find!

With many years of experience working as licensed builders, you are ensured that our building inspectors are fully insured and accredited building consultants. Our pest inspectors have undergone formal rigorous training and accreditation.

For multiple tenancies, larger properties, properties with habitable outbuildings, or complex properties, please contact our office for pricing. 

Our building and pest inspection cost range from $400 to $500. The list of pricing is indicated here:

For more information about building and pest inspection, visit our Help Centre.

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