water hammer problem
  • December 16, 2022
  • Effective Building
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Have you got strange sounds coming from your pipes? Water hammer sounds can be infuriating and, if not fixed immediately, cause severe damage to your pipes. 

Usually, plumbing pipes are designed to pressure the water passing through them. Hence, they rush through the tap when you open it. Turning the tap off suddenly makes the water collide with the closed valve, producing a hydraulic shock. This shock can be highly impacting, causing issues like loose fittings, broken or damaged water-connected appliances.

Water hammer happens in new houses but is more common in older homes where worn-out pipes absorb less of the shock and mounting straps may have loosened over time. The longer the problem persists, the more damage is being done to the pipes and mounting straps that hold them in place. The vibration is due to old fittings/ screws fixing loose, or in new buildings, the plumber has not sealed around the pipe running through the timber stud frames. Silicon is usually used to prevent the water hammer.

It’s important not to misdiagnose your water hammer problem. That’s because air pockets within your plumbing system make a similar sound when you turn the tap on. Water hammer, on the other hand, is when the loud sound occurs when you turn the tap off. Both water hammer and air pockets can be difficult to solve, hence we at Effective Building and Consultancy can save your time and money if you need an expert opinion. For the fast, guaranteed, thorough and affordable water hammer solution, call us today on 02 9613 3353 to help resolve your noisy pipes!

water hammer