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  • November 9, 2021
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Typically, a structural home inspection is a visual inspection performed by a structural engineer. This is done to assess the structural soundness of a home or structure’s load-bearing components such as joists, foundation, trusses, beams or posts/columns. 

Furthermore, a structural home inspection is done when a property owner is doubtful of the building’s structural integrity. This could entail examining or analysing the entire structure or an examination of the building’s one specific component.

You should not take for granted your home’s structure. If you suspect an issue, you should hire a building inspector, preferably a structural engineer too, just like our very own, Elie Farah, to look into the problem.

Effective Building & Consultancy’s building inspectors will provide you with a written report with photos of findings and work scope that a contractor can use to rectify work.

When Can Effective Building & Consultancy Structural Engineer Help?

There are situations where you may opt to have a structural home inspection performed to ensure the house structure is solid.

Purchasing a Home

If you are buying a home, you may want to have a general home inspection done to view the structure’s condition fully. If we discover issues with load-bearing components, we will recommend a structure inspection for further assessment. 

Some common issues that require a structural engineer are settlement concerns, bowing walls, sloping floors, water intrusion, temporary columns in the basement, and foundation cracks.

If severe issues are found, you can opt to walk away from the purchase or have a price negotiation to shoulder the repairs.

Ceiling/Wall Cracks or Structural Movement

An adequately built home shouldn’t exhibit any settlement beyond a few small cracks. With all these being said, very old homes may have ceiling or wall settlement cracks and sloping floors because structural components weren’t designed for deflection the way these require today. 

If you have concerns with this, you better ask sooner than later.

When Is Structural Movement Concerning?

  • If you are living in a newly built home having settlement.
  • If you are living in a more than 10-year old home showing recent settlement signs.
  • If you recently completed a remodel or installed extra weight and are noticing settlement

Bowing Walls, Foundation, Cracks, Sinking or Upheaval

Small cracks are usually not an issue when it comes to foundations. But, if you see bowing foundation walls, horizontal, vertical or step cracks larger than ¼” size, you should have a structural home inspection to evaluate the condition.

Storm Damage

Consider getting a structural engineer evaluation if you believe you have storm damage. We believe that we can determine the structural integrity of the building if it comprises during the storm damage.

Drainage Defects

Drainage defects can damage the house’s structural foundation, which can cause costly interior and exterior issues. This can also create ponding water during wet conditions. Effective Building & Consultancy’s structural home inspection can help you identify where the issues originated and how to mitigate them to preserve the building’s integrity.

How Can Effective Building & Consultancy Help You?

Effective Building & Consultancy structural home inspection lets you hire our experts to inspect and evaluate the concerning structural conditions of your property. We approach every structural issue that brought more than two decades of building inspection experience to assist property owners.

For more information about our structural home inspection services, call us now a 02 9613 3353.

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