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  • October 29, 2021
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Having a Sydney building inspection will tell you about the condition and features of your property.

Before buying a property, you should have several visits to it. If you are inspecting several properties in a day, you should note any identifying features. However, ensure to ask the agent for permission before taking any photographs.

This first visit to a property will give you a first impression and determine if the property meets your basic requirements such as size, location, access, style, and facilities.

Additional visits will give you a chance to check whether there are signs of any structural issues. For example:

  • Bouncy or sloping floors may mean replacement of stumps
  • Damp brick walls indicating salt damp or rising damp
  • Bubbles or blisters on paintwork indicates termite activity
  • Cracked walls signify issues such as house sinking would mean stumps replacement. If there are huge cracks, seek a structural engineer’s advice.
  • Lifting tiles, mouldy walls, peeling paint, or water pools in wet areas can indicate excessive moisture.
  • Another indication of major structural problems is fretting, as this is where the mortar between the brickwork falls out.
  • Broken or cracked roof tiles or a sagging roof may involve expensive roof repairs or replacement.

If the property has been extended or renovated, you should contact your local council to determine whether the building permit was acquired for the works.

However, once you sign the sale contract, any illegal modifications will become your responsibility. You should also check whether the property is in a bushfire-prone area.

Due Diligence Checklist

All estate agents or sellers acting on their behalf must have their ‘due diligence checklist’ available to potential buyers and open for inspections. The checklist will also help buyers find any issues that may affect the decision to purchase property, such as buying into an Owners Corporation, fire or flood risk, or insurance coverage for current renovations.

Attending an Open for Inspection

The “Open for inspection” statement is usually advertised in property listings on real estate apps, the estate agent’s website, and online real estate advertising websites. However, if the one advertised doesn’t suit you, you can arrange an alternative inspection time. 

When you go to an “open for inspection”, the estate agent may ask you for identity proof and a contact number. This is their security measure. Though it isn’t a legal requirement to leave the details with an agent at an open for inspection, sellers can make this a condition upon entrance of the property.

How Can Effective Building & Consultancy Help?

Before signing a sale contract, you should consider engaging Effective Building & Consultancy highly qualified building inspector, Elie Farah, to provide a professional building inspection report.

The fee for a professional inspection service is small compared with the cost of purchasing a property that needs extensive repairs. A qualified inspector will know what to look for and see through any aesthetic improvements that hide the issues.

The building inspection report will list all issues in the property, whether they need repair or replacement, estimated costs of repairs, and highlight any unsafe renovations.

You can also use the report for price negotiations with the seller and develop a maintenance program if you purchase the property.

You can also use the inspection service with full professional indemnity insurance to protect you if the inspection misses a defect that must be fixed.

Moreover, be cautious when receiving a property inspection report by the seller or agent. Having your own report from Effective Building & Consultancy ensures that it is accurate and independent.

For more information about Sydney building inspection services, call us at 02 9613 3353.

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