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  • March 30, 2021
  • Effective Building
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No one is exempted from this pandemic. However, people with disabilities who fail to be considered in the business have felt the harshest downfall of all. Diverse employees are facing work-related stress, greater challenges, and fear for their career futures more than non-diverse workers.

More than 2,300 workers with disabilities lost their jobs last year and by the end of 2020. Effective Building & Consultancy sprung into action and ensured that the most vulnerable groups in society aren’t excluded from the workforce. 

Because of the global recession happening today, the odds of being forced out of the job are higher on people with disabilities. There are reports stating that disabled workers are facing issues such as under-resourcing, fragmented service provision, high workloads, lack of frontline management support, and unpaid work.

People with Disabilities Help to Succeed Companies

It’s surprising to know that the most impactful and successful companies are the most diverse. Teams that are composed of people with disabilities can increase revenue by as much as 20% and make better business decisions.

Since 1914, IBM has been hiring people with disabilities. They have a recruitment program that targets candidates from underrepresented groups. Google even pledged $20 million to nonprofits using technology to take on accessibility challenges. Even Microsoft has launched its Enabler Program to increase the employability of people with disabilities.

These giants aren’t just having conversations around inclusivity, they’re acting to remove behaviours and encompass more groups of people. These facts inspire us to step toward giving equal opportunities to people with disabilities and train them like everyone else.

Losing Employee Diversity = Loss of Innovation

We fall in love with products similar to the way we fall in love in general. We look for familiarity, trust, and a form of commitment. The way we choose our partners is often a reflection of ourselves. Products or services should be a reflection of the people that use them.

Love is strongest if it’s new, it excites us and gives us a chance to grow. In business, this means innovation. People with disabilities are some of the greatest innovators. Many services are greatly done with them.

Absence of People with Disabilities = Narrow Business Development

As a building inspection company, we have to fix the problem of not accounting for people with disabilities. We are aware that the work isn’t simple. But because we want to provide equity and access to our employees, we first acknowledge what we are accountable for to have a true impact. We want to maintain the image of our services as a distillation of team makeup, work culture, genuine stance, and business mentality. 

People with Disabilities Bring Light to Our Company

People with disabilities are adaptable and have an impressive set of skills. They’re also more familiar with ways to stay healthy and productive, which can benefit those working remotely during this time.

Though there may have some friction points with remote tooling,  we’re able to address the issues by gaining a broader understanding of the accessibility features. The simpler and more comfortable we make workflows, the easier and less stressful it will be for everyone in our team.

How Do Effective Building & Consultancy Manage Diverse Teams and Shape a Constant Rethinking of Work Conditions

As the CEO of Effective Building & Consultancy, we are conscious of the needs of our employees may it be about the work environment or psychological repercussions. Some individuals experience anxiety or depression, while others experience higher levels of stress. 

By welcoming people with disabilities in our team, I’m able to continue to discuss how to be inclusive and encourage greater well-being across the board. I believe that higher levels of satisfaction come from better team morale and improved productivity. When our employees are challenged and they’re supported personally, they work even better to improve.

The diversity in our team fosters a more general acceptance for all. People with disabilities can reveal realities only if we open our minds to keep them in the future of work rather than disregarding them.

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