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  • June 25, 2021
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On Thursday the 24th of June, the collapse of a 12-storey residential apartment has resulted in at least one fatality and around 100 people still unaccounted for. The cause of the collapse – affecting about half of the 130 units in the complex – remains ambiguous.

Footage of the collapse captured by adjacent security cameras shows a wing of the building collapsing and a cloud of dust filling the air. One witness described seeing people trapped inside using their phone flashlights to signal for help. In the immediate aftermath, rescuers pulled a boy from the rubble, while firefighters used ladders to rescue other tenants from balconies in the still-standing portion of the tower.

The building’s address is 8777 Collins Avenue, according to Surfside police. The sea-view condo development was built in 1981 in the southeast corner of Surfside, on the beach, and includes more than 100 units. According to the researchers at the Florida International University, a year ago, this building was determined to be unstable. Cracked walls or shifting foundations can be clues that sinking has affected the stability of a structure.

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