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  • February 28, 2023
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Finding the correct inspection service to provide the greatest building dilapidation report is only half the battle.

What is a Dilapidation Report?

Dilapidation reports guarantee the exact state of a property at any given time. In addition, our inspectors ensure that they are thoroughly documented and point out any issues that should be addressed before the sale or purchase of a property. This is done on any scale and for any property type to ensure that safety requirements and regulations are met.

For Completion of the Works

A Dilapidation Report can be completed to document any modifications that may have occurred to the Property during construction. Councils may require a Dilapidation Report as part of the development approval process; however, we urge that you obtain a Dilapidation Report for your own protection and peace of mind. 

These reports are essential before proceeding with any building to guarantee that you can notify and keep the city council in the loop about your plans for your property. These reports are created to ensure that any damages occurring during, before, or after construction are recorded and tracked to ensure the property’s maximum safety.

For Council Assets

You should also consider having a Dilapidation Report performed on any Council Assets that are adjacent to the site, such as Crossovers, Footpaths, Kerb & Channels, Signs, Drains, Trees, and so on, to document any damage and allow you to recover any Deposits/Bonds that the Council may have taken, or to have proof in case of a claim. 

Effective Building and Consultancy has experience organizing this type of inspection and will carry it out professionally and on time. We will coordinate access to the properties with the property owners. We’ve accumulated much experience over the years and have a very high success rate in getting the task done courteously and on schedule.

The Report includes photographs of potential faults at the Property. We can evaluate the property’s inside and exterior, including any fencing, retaining walls, pathways, and sheds, among other things.

In our several years of operation, we have completed numerous significant projects involving hundreds of properties simultaneously, with some larger organizations and many smaller Dilapidation Projects. Our experienced inspectors create a Dilapidation Condition Report to give you expert evidence to back up any claims for damages.

Taking the extra effort to guarantee that you don’t have problems with your property in the future will put you ahead of the game.

Why Should You Choose Effective Building & Consultancy for Dilapidation Report

Our trained inspectors take great care in writing these reports for the customer in order to ensure that everything about the property is presented in a clear and conclusive document with pictures to help the client grasp the problem.

These reports are beneficial to any engineer working on your home. They keep the engineer informed of the house’s weak points and what precautions to take when preparing for building.

  • Inspectors conduct inspections following the Victorian state’s standard guidelines.
  • These reports cover all external aspects of an existing house adjacent to a house under construction. They assist the council in keeping track of any damages that occur during construction.
  • The reports are as complete as possible and supplemented by photographs to ensure that everything is obvious.
  • To keep track of the defects, each one is noted and numbered.
  • Having this to defend any accusations made by a neighbor is critical.
  • Before work begins, the report is finally signed off on.

You can contact us via our website to request a free quote. You can also contact us by email at service@effectivebuilding.com.au or by phone at (02) 9613 3353.

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