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  • June 18, 2021
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Most homeowners believe in ant capping and other myths and confusing information about termites. These ideas are said to be cheap or will not cost you even a cent, so many people adopt them.

Truths on Ant Capping

Ant Capping Can Only Detect But Not Stop Termites

Ant capping can only detect but stop termites. This is because it only leads termites to expose their leads as they walk through the tin ant caps. Hence, ant capping can only detect but not stop termites.

People would typically put an ant cap on top of the wooden stumps before putting the bearer and joists. If not, termites would just eat a part of the wooden stump and find a way to enter the bearer and into your house.

Ant capping or termite shield is very common in Sydney homes. These have been a requirement under the NSW Building Code because it was proved a valuable tool for building and pest inspectors. However, termite protection methods have improved so far and had better options today.

Ant Capping Gives a Wrong Expectation of Being Safe from Termites

Unfortunately, ant capping can give homeowners a feeling of being safe from termites, especially older homes. Therefore, this has been a common practice during the construction to nail the caps on the pier before the timber bearer is placed on tip.

This wasn’t a problem before. However, as time passed, the nail and cap rust left a significant hole under the bearers.

Most homeowners think that ant capping is an effective solution for termite prevention. But the truth is, ant capping cannot stop termites ever.

Why? Even if ant caps are materials that they cannot eat through, they will build mudding trails to go inside the barrier and the timber. So, what basically happens is you see the evidence of termites going inside your house before you notice the damage it already did.

What Should You Do Instead of Relying on Ant Capping?

You should have regular building and pest inspections by a qualified and professional pest inspector, Elie Farah. For more than 20 years, you are assured he has a trained eye and vast experience dealing with termites in Sydney.

Effective Building & Consultancy’s building and pest inspection services are vital in keeping your property safe from termites.

If you have any concerns and you’d like to schedule an appointment with Elie Farah, our building and termite expert, call us now on 02 9613 3353.

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