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  • June 4, 2021
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There are several building inspectors in Australia, and it’s actually hard to decide who is the best building inspector of all. We don’t want to be biased here, but we want to give you the best advice that you deserve.

Effective Building & Consultancy has been in the industry for over 20 years, and we’re among Sydney’s most reputable building inspectors. We pride ourselves on being professional, honest, and trustworthy, which is why we are here to share with you what to consider when choosing the best building inspector.

Are All Building Inspections the Same?

You might think that all building inspections are the same. However, the truth is they are not. Some building inspectors are licensed; others are not. Hence, the quality of work by those uncertified building inspectors is questionable.

On a positive note, the best building inspector is a true professional and the home buyer’s best friend. 

Our best building inspector, Elie Farah, will protect you from making a costly mistake by uncovering hidden issues. He can also provide the costing of the repair work the property requires as part of the building inspection report, which you can also use to negotiate a lower purchase price.

Many inexperienced inspectors don’t have these skills and produce reports which aren’t helpful. For example, there are many building inspection services in Sydney, but the best building inspector is rare.

How to Choose the Best Building Inspector?

Here are the ‘must haves’ when choosing the building inspector:

  • Check they have the right registered building inspector qualifications.
  • Make sure that the building inspector has extensive practical experience (there’s no such thing as an excellent young inspector)
  • Ask if they are qualified in costing building repairs and can estimate the repair costs of the reported building defects.
  • Request an example of their report and check if it’s written in clear language with many photos and ensure that it’s easy to understand.
  • Ask if the inspector will meet with you after the inspection for a private discussion about the property.

Then, search for other licensed inspectors and get some quotes. Beware that architects often charge high fees, and inexperienced inspectors charge low fees. The best building inspector will charge a fee somewhere in the middle.

Some Golden Rules:

  • Don’t choose an unregistered building inspector with a low price as their inspection may be lacking and that their report will be a waste of time and money.
  • Always choose a registered builder when you want structural condition advice.

Building inspection reports in Sydney are becoming a popular choice for prospective home buyers and commercial business opportunities. These reports are fundamental in the identification and assessment of building defects.

However, without the opportunity to ask questions and have a professional take you through the fine details, they can be adamant. This is why it’s so important to hire the best building inspector with years of experience to pick on the hard to detect issues that most inspectors will miss entirely.

Throughout Sydney, new home building inspections often fail to meet the high standards to assess the defects essential for a quality result. If you’re searching for the property and looking for an experienced, independent, and client-centred inspector that will bring you the best possible results, give Effective Building & Consultancy a call at 02 9613 3353.

How Do You Get the Good Advice on the Best Building Inspector in Sydney?

Doing your research and asking people you know is the most innovative way to approach your research into the best building inspector in Sydney. But, of course, the best recommendations are always from your friends and family who have purchased a no-issue property.

Don’t run the risk of hiring a building inspector that’s not in your favour. At Effective Building & Consultancy, we are transparent in our findings and offer comprehensive building inspection reports. 

80% of our work stems from referrals from happy and satisfied clients, not from solicitors, mortgage brokers, or real estate agents.

For more information about Sydney building inspection, visit our Help Centre.

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