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  • July 5, 2021
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Building inspection before buying is very important to home buyers. This is the best way to determine if a property is worthy of buying or worthy of the price.

A home buyer who didn’t do a building inspection before buying may end up wasting every penny invested into the property. The best way to get quality for money is to conduct a pre-purchase building inspection.

This post will discuss the reasons why you need a building inspection before buying a home.

5 Reasons You Need a Building Inspection Before Buying a Home

1. Identify the Building’s Structural Issues

Unbelievably, not all buildings are habitable. Some buildings have structural defects that put them at risk of collapsing anytime. 

This is why a homeowner should call a professional building inspector to determine if the building is suitable to live in before purchase.

Some structural issues are repairable; however, others are too complex to repair that it needs major reconstruction. Many defects are a waste of money to home buyers.

This is one reason why a home buyer should include a building inspection before buying to avoid a bad deal. 

2. Set Budget for Repairs

Setting a budget for repairs is another reason it’s important to have a building inspection before buying a home.

At times, a home buyer would be offered cheap buildings when negotiating for the home purchase. The problem here is that if there’s no building inspection done, the repair costs to that building will take almost the same as purchasing a new one.

Building inspection before buying a home would prevent you from making a costly mistake.

3. Fulfill Immediate Repairs and Prevent Costly Damage

A building inspection before buying a home will also enable you to identify defects and fulfill repairs before they become worst quickly.

Buildings have several problems, ranging from raised shingles, missing attic insulation, and gas leaks. These may be just minor problems at the onset but can continually lead to additional building damage.

The good news is if you call Effective Building & Consultancy to conduct a building inspection before buying, these little problems can be fixed immediately before it worsens. 

4. Calculate the True Value of the Home

Hiring a certified inspector to conduct a building inspection before buying a home will enable the home buyer to determine the true home value.

Due to some factors, a home’s value is lesser than its sale value. Energy requirements are one of them.

If the home is built in a location where the homeowner would cost more in heating or cooling the home, this little value is another consideration. The reason is that the maintenance cost would be higher in the long run.

So, to prevent yourself from purchasing overvalue homes, it would be wise to get a pre-purchase building inspection in Sydney to determine the home value before purchase.

5. Learn the Best Maintenance Practices

Knowing the best maintenance practices in a home is one of the benefits of building inspection before buying it. For example, if your home is situated near the forest, then it must-have safety features. It would protect the house against fire outbreaks or staring animals.

After a thorough assessment, a certified building inspector will also advise you on maintaining the home properly before purchase.

How Can Effective Building & Consultancy Help You With Building Inspection Before Buying a Home?

Building inspection before buying a home is an essential part of the negotiation process. The seller should do all the necessary repairs before closing the transaction. If he doesn’t want to carry out the repairs, he needs to reduce the sale price. 

By hiring our professional building inspector, Elie Farah, we will help you identify the structural defects of the home you’re eyeing to buy. This helps you too with purchasing decisions, which can make great savings in the future.

For more information about building inspection before buying a home, visit our Help Centre.

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