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  • July 6, 2021
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A concrete slab inspection is one of the essential stage inspections of building construction. This is because a concrete slab is where your property sits. 

Any issues in the concrete slab will eventually lead to some structural issues (cracked walls, ceilings, and floors). These are the things you don’t want to have when you move into your new home.

Two Parts of Concrete Slab Inspection

Effective Building & Consultancy concrete slab inspection is divided into two parts. The first part is the pre-concrete slab inspection which is done before pouring concrete. During this stage, we also check the steel reinforcement and boxing.

The second part is the post-concrete slab inspection, which is done after pouring concrete. During this part, we ensure that the concrete slab is level, squared, has the correct width and length, and is not damaged. We also ensure the concrete slab is according to the floor plans.

Pre-Concrete Slab Inspection

Before pouring the concrete, Effective Building & Consultancy professional building inspector carries out a pre-concrete slab inspection on your home base. We do this to make sure that everything is primed and ready for concrete installation.

Moreover, several defects may also be unnoticeable in the steel and formwork; hence, it’s also important to have them checked too. Some surveyors ignore checks these underlying issues, which is very risky. 

Effective Building & Consultancy pre-slab inspection process identifies any of these problems to ensure your property is built on a solid base.

What Do We Look for During a Pre-Slab Inspection?

A soil test is performed to know the geotechnical site conditions. Once confirmed, that’s the only time the concrete slab is designed, specified, and installed in compliance with the Australian Standard AS 2870-Residential Slabs and Footings.

Post-Concrete Slab Inspection

After pouring the concrete, Effective Building & Consultancy professional building inspector carries out a post-concrete slab inspection on your home base. We do this to ensure that the concrete slab work has been done right and you’re getting value for money. This way, you ascertain that the quality of the concrete slab will stand the test of time.

What Do We Look for During a Post-Concrete Slab Inspection

Effective Building & Consultancy use measuring tools and laser levels to accurately check that the finished slab is level across the slab sections straight and square. We also assess that the size of the finished slab and location of all service pipes are compliant with the floor plans. Lastly, we double-check that the finished concrete slab has no damage or cracks in it.

How Can Effective Building & Consultancy Help You with Concrete Slab Inspection?

Effective Building & Consultancy pre-concrete slab inspection and post-concrete slab inspection make it simple, straightforward, and convenient for you. We arrange our building inspections directly with your builders so we can keep you updated throughout.

For more information about our building inspection services, call us on 02 9613 3353 or visit our Help Centre.

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