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  • April 12, 2021
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Termite treatment barriers are one of the long-lasting solutions to an active termite infestation. With the experience and knowledge that Effective Building & Consultancy brings to the table, you’re assured that your termites will be gone in no time. 

For years, Effective Building & Consultancy has provided quality termite control barriers throughout New South Wales. We know about structural inspection and know how the climate, soil, and lay of the land affect how termites and other pests behave.

We offer an effective range of termite control services, and these termite treatment barriers are the most effective of all.

Each type of barrier is constructed to serve as a wall that either stops termites in their tracks or administers a lethal dose of a termite-specific chemical. Either way, this type of termite management can get rid of termites and protect your property from them in the years to come.

If you purchased an off-property or plan to construct your own block, you can contact us to construct termite treatment barriers in the early construction stages. On the other hand, if you’re already in your home or building, we can build post-construction termite treatment barriers that just as effective.

Three Basic Types of Termite Treatment Barriers

1. Physical Termite Treatment Barriers

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The physical termite treatment barriers are the best choice for new construction or extensive renovations. 

We used the materials with chemicals within to prevent termites from gaining concealed entry into your home. Even if the concrete slab is a physical barrier in itself, anything that penetrates through the slab (electrical or plumbing), any joints in the slab, or any area around the slab edges will allow termites access without you even noticing them.

With physical termite treatment barriers installation, you can protect these concealed areas guaranteed for up to 50 years. If termites get into the wall cavity at the building’s base or under the slab, they won’t get any further than our physical termite barriers.

Termites only need a millimetre gap, so the correct installation is essential. A cheap installation can run the risk of termites bypassing the product. The only concern is that you wouldn’t have a bad install until years down the track when you have termites eating your bathroom out. 

Therefore, if you’re planning to build in the near future, we recommend physical termite treatment barriers to prevent termite problems down the road.

2. Chemical Termite Treatment Barriers

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For existing buildings, chemical termite treatment barriers are recommended for extensive and long-term protection. We create these barriers by applying a continuous treated soil zone of a powerful liquid chemical to the soil around your building’s foundation.

Completed Chemical Treatment Barriers

The chemicals we use are those that destroy entire colonies of termites within your property. We don’t use the ones that repel only as termites do not carry that chemical back to the nest.

We use a chemical that destroys, not repels, entire colonies of termites within your property. The trouble with repelling termites is that the termites don’t carry the chemical back to the nest. Also, the risk with repellent chemicals is that they break down over time. 

As a result, termites may find a weakness in the barrier, which they wouldn’t look for with non-repellent chemicals. The only way to ensure that they wouldn’t be back is to use a chemical that termites carry back to the nest, killing every termite in the colony, including the queen, who can lay up to 30,000 eggs a day.

Another advantage of this chemical is that it’s undetectable by termites. When the termites go into your home, the chemical will not kill them right away.

After they return to their nest, every other termite they meet will come into contact with the termiticide to eliminate them as well. Termites who come into contact with this chemical will die within 5 to 21 days.

Upon a chemical termite barrier request, our expert technicians will come to your home or business to apply the chemical to the soil around the building. We will drill tiny holes into tiles or concrete areas, such as walkways so that the chemical can get underneath those areas as well.

We can apply plugs in the same colour as your tile or walkway, so you’ll never know they are there. With only little maintenance, these chemical termite barriers can last for as long as eight years. 

The only follow-up visits you will need over those eight or so years will be your annual regular termite inspection, unless any circumstances require more regular inspections. This routine visit will check to see that the chemical barrier is still working, killing any stray termites that may try to scout out your property as a great place to eat.

3. Chemical Reticulation Termite Treatment Barriers System

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Even if this system uses termiticide just like a regular chemical barrier, we use a hose or flexible pipe to release the chemical into the ground through perforated holes. We install the pipe around the building’s foundation.

This system works well when your home has paving stones since it requires a little disruption of these existing structures when it comes time to replenish the chemical. Many property owners request a reticulation system for their new buildings or when they renovate the building.

Termite Treatment Barriers Safety and Cost

A physical barrier has no external chemical component. This just prevents the termites from penetrating the surface, so it is safe. 

When it comes to the use of chemical barriers, Effective Building & Consultancy only uses chemicals that have passed Australia’s strict safety requirements. 

As for the cost, it may range anywhere between $1000 to $5000 depending on which kind of treatment you choose, as well as the building size. It may look pricey, but this can last up to eight years, which weigh less than the costly repairs of your building’s timber elements when the damage spread throughout your property. 

Don’t wait until termites cause massive destruction to your property. Contact Effective Building & Consultancy now for inquiries and quotations.

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