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  • June 30, 2021
  • Effective Building
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Your walls and floors may look robust and sturdy externally. So why bother getting an annual termite inspection or investing in termite protection? This problem is bigger than one can imagine. Unfortunately, homeowners do not spot these invisible pests unless the infestation has transcended beyond control.
Typically, termite infestation in homes begins from the ground and then progresses to feeding on wood such as your support timbers. If left untreated they can spread throughout your home to wooden doors, windows, and floors which can then be cumbersome to mend if the termites have been left too long. By the time their presence is realised, the damage is not just extensive but expensive.
Once the problem of termite infestation has been identified, it is critical to act quickly. Damage to the structure or plumbing of the house can be dangerous so getting it fixed is mandatory to the longevity of your home. Termites may remain dormant for years, so identifying an infestation could also insinuate the presence of termites at the spotted location from a considerable period. The lifespan of termites ranges up to two years which also implies the likelihood of their presence at your home for a much longer period.
The good news is termite issues are preventable with regular inspection. We at Effective Building & Consultancy recommend getting your house inspected for termite activity at least once a year. Our Highly educated and trained building consultant, Elie Farah, is meticulous and able to pinpoint diminutive identifiers that may signify potential issues.
Effective Building & Consultancy offers affordable termite inspections to identify these issues early, and we provide you with a detailed report on the identification and location of any pest problems you may have.
Call us today on (02) 9613 3353 to organise a termite inspection.

For more information about our building and termite inspection services, visit our Help Centre.

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