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  • June 30, 2021
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Elie Farah, our expert witness building inspection consultant, is knowledgeable in Australian building codes in the Sydney construction industry. He determines the possible issues with the construction quality, whether it concerns a residential, commercial, civic, or business project and other building structures.

Our comprehensive building inspection report is proven valuable in many dispute cases related to construction. It provides adequate information to determine how construction defects may have occurred and how these could have been avoided. All of these are critical in acquiring the results of the court case.

Expert Witness Qualifications

Even if an expert witness building inspection consultant can be hired by a plaintiff or a defendant, or by the court, he is supposed to be a neutral third party. This means that he is unbiased and has no interest in case outcomes.

Our expert witness building inspection consultant has a background in structural engineering, construction, accessibility compliance, building codes, building inspection, construction management, building renovation and restoration, fire protection, and other disciplines relevant to litigation associated with building inspections.

Elie Farah, Effective Building & Consultancy expert witness building inspection head, has more than 20 years of experience in searching the source of construction defects and violations regarding property safety. Structural projects must follow certain laws and regulations set by the Australian construction industry, the standards we adhere to when conducting building inspections.

Expert Witness Building Inspection and Report Writing 

Our certified building inspectors evaluated the quality of roofing, ceiling, walls, windows, floors, electrical systems, plumbing, HVAC (heating ventilating and air conditioning), and moisture intrusions.

Once the inspection is done, the next step is that the expert witness should create a complete detailed report. The testimonies should be proven true not to lose credibility. When there are multiple allegations, a great expert witness can clearly organise the responses and sort the information as necessary.

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Any person involved in a building project may encounter disputes. It usually resolves on its own; however, sometimes, it leads to litigation. 

Engaging an expert witness, a neutral third party, can help strengthen the legal argument so the court can come up with a firm decision on the dispute. 

An expert witness does his own building inspection, creates complete reports, and provides an unbiased opinion, which is critical when clarifying relevant facts to distinguish truth from allegations made.

Hence, it’s important to hire Effective Building & Consultancy’s expert witness, Elie Farah, as he has decades of experience handling building and construction issues, determine liabilities in damage, and recommend remediation for the defects.

Most of our clients, especially attorneys, have turned to Effective Building & Consultancy to match the most authoritative building and construction experts for more than two decades.

Call us on 02 9613 3353 or email us at to request an expert witness building inspection for your property.

For more information about our other building inspection services, visit our Help Centre.

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Elie Farah is a Building Consultant with over 25 years of experience in the property industry. Elie has specialised knowledge in development acquisitions, blue-chip properties and inspections, as well as flood-affected and waterfront properties, heritage buildings, bushfire management and existing use rights.

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