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  • February 26, 2021
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One of your big questions when looking for a building inspector is, “Where’s a building and pest inspection near me?”. 

You probably have thought of this as you may be building, renovating, or currently living in a property and wanted some form of inspection. Engaging inspection professionals’ services means that you’ll have peace of mind when buying, building, or renovating.

This post will answer “Where’s a building and pest inspection near me?” Knowing this will save you from financial threats in case there are any structural problems.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Building and Pest Inspection Near Me?

Planning about building inspection shouldn’t take too much time. In just a few checks, you should be able to choose the building consultant for your needs.

To help you start, you need to check whether your building inspector has the necessary qualifications to do the inspection. He should have the degree, training, and experience. Without this, you can’t be sure that he can provide a comprehensive inspection report.

To help you hire a “building and pest inspection near me,” let’s dig in a bit deeper. Here are some aspects to consider when choosing one for your needs.

1. Registration

It’s very important that the “building and pest inspection me” is carried out by a registered building inspector – someone with updated qualifications and experience. A registered builder is familiar with all construction areas and will ensure your home complies with Australian Building Standards and Codes. Moreover, only a licensed inspector has the knowledge and skills required to provide an accurate report. 

All Effective Building & Consultancy building inspectors are registered builders with more than 20 years of experience within the building industry. All are also accountable to the Building Professionals Board (BPB) of NSW.

2. Insurance Cover

If your inspector isn’t registered and doesn’t have insurance cover, then he could be liable to the purchased property should he meet with an accident on-site. Ideally, the building inspector should have at least $10 million of professional indemnity insurance.

When chooosing a “building and pest inspection near me”, it’s important to ensure the inspector is covered for Professional Indemnity Insurance or Errors and Omissions. A building inspector may make mistakes at times. As a result, you may choose to complain about him or work carried out by a third party on your behalf in response to a breach of your inspector’s duty.

3. Experienced Professional

Next, your building inspector should have at least two years of relevant industry experience. The higher the experience he has, the better.

Remind yourself with this:

“A building and inspection near me should be well experienced in the property inspection or building trade.”

So, ask your inspector about the years he has been operating in the industry. If he is hesitant to answer or has the minimal experience, this is a red light for you.

4. Educational Requirements and Training

A building inspector needs to demonstrate knowledge of the Australian construction industry and proficiency in Mathematics and Engineering. An adequately qualified building inspector should hold a Building and Construction diploma, Building Surveying, or equivalent diploma. 

While registered builders, architecture, or engineers have the necessary qualification to inspect structures, they need to be explicitly trained in detecting structural issues. Hence, it’s important to choose a building inspector who has the experience to inspect the property you want to purchase.

There are several training options to prepare to work as a building inspector, including Building and Construction, an Advanced Diploma of Building Surveying, or a Bachelor of Construction Management.

Moreover, to work on any building site, the building inspector must hold a Construction Induction Card. It’s also an advantage if he’s a member of a professional building inspector association.

5. Holds a National Police Check

Having a National Police Check may help clients screen and make informed decisions about you working with children or vulnerable groups, work-related checks due to legislations or regulations, and licensing or registration schemes.

There are some purposes for National Police Checks, and it’s your responsibility to ensure you choose the right building and pest inspector. 

Ask Questions: Choose a Building and Pest Inspection Near Me

If I were to decide to choose a building and pest inspection near me, I would ask them relevant questions to identify if the inspector has the qualifications. So, yes, please interview the building inspector.

Ask the inspector to show you a sample report to understand better what’s covered in the inspection. Make it to a point to read the print carefully.

Moreover, ask your inspector whether the building inspection will be carried as per Australian Standards. This will ensure that the report’s format and content are compliant.

Final Thoughts on Building and Pest Inspection Near Me

I hope that this blog answers your question, “What to consider when choosing a building and pest inspection near me?” 

Choosing a highly qualified building inspector is key to ensuring the property you want to purchase is structurally sound and that you are aware of any faults. Knowing what to consider and what a building inspector should provide will give you peace of mind that you are making a sound investment.

For more information about building and pest inspection near me, visit our Help Centre.

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