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  • February 25, 2021
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Building and pest inspections shouldn’t only be for the sale or pre-purchase property. As a homeowner, you need to keep your home in the best shape possible. Many structural defects only become visible when they’ve reached their serious level. This also goes for pest infestations. 

If you have one, then this is already serious. Making repairs and paying for exterminations can be costly. But having regular annual inspections can detect issues early, saving you time, money, and frustration.

Building and pest inspections provided by Effective Building & Consultancy are affordable ways to keep an eye on your home’s condition. 

How Long are Building and Pest Inspections Good For?

Having your property inspected for pest infestation yearly is good enough. However, if the properties located in areas are commonly plagued with termites and other pests, it’s best to conduct inspections at least twice a year.

Since most pests multiply at a rapid rate, be more cautious with the inspections and treatment once their presence in your property has been assessed.

How Much Building and Pest Inspections Cost?

The cost of building and pest inspection can range from $400 to $600, depending on the property’s size and type. This is the standard price bracket in most of Sydney’s building inspection companies. You can also opt for separate inspections based on your needs, though this will cost more as the services will be quoted separately.

Some people will disregard having their property inspected as this may seem to be an added expense. However, regular building and pest inspections of your Sydney home is crucial to maintaining your property and will save you more money in the long run. It’s far cheaper than getting repaired due to damage that could have been avoided if the property was regularly inspected.

Yearly Building Inspection

Effective Building & Consultancy inspectors carefully look over every corner of your home during the yearly building inspection. They check the structural defects and other concerns from the roof foundation and bring them to your attention. When caught early enough, many issues are cheaper to contain. In short, yearly building inspections tend to pay for themselves.

Yearly Pest Inspection

Yearly termite control is something that most people have done. Effective Building & Consultancy inspectors offer a comprehensive and annual intensive pest inspection that will keep you away from pests.

Yearly Building and Pest Inspections

An excellent way to keep on top of everything when it comes to your home’s condition is by having Effective Building & Consultancy yearly building and pest inspections. The best way to enjoy peace of mind concerning the home’s condition is by having EBC inspectors look it over.

What Do Periodic Building and Pest Inspections Cover?

Periodic building and pest inspections are best with regular maintenance to keep a property in good working condition.

Doing this can prevent decaying and degradation processes, maintain structural safety and stability, and prevent irrelevant damage from the general usage or weather. It can also optimise performance, determine the causes of defects and help prevent repetition or reoccurrence. Lastly, it can ensure continued compliance with statutory requirements and asset values of buildings.

Effective Building & Consultancy involves maintaining all the areas of the building. This includes:

  • Walls
  • Roofs and gutters
  • Doors, windows, and porches
  • Steps and handrails
  • Exterior surfaces, car parks, paths, and walkways
  • Electrical wiring, water systems, water pipes, and gas supplies
  • Stairs and lifts
  • Insulation
  • Boilers and heating systems
  • Intruder alarms

Why Hire Regular Building and Pest Inspections by EBC?

It’s essential that all the inspections will be carried out by a licensed building inspector to ensure the safety of everyone occupying the property.

Though there are no regulations on hiring only certified inspectors, it would be wise to hire someone who has actual skills or knowledge for carrying out a standard inspection. It’s extremely useful to follow a set of guidelines for inspection companies, like Effective Building & Consultancy, to ensure quality and consistency in clients’ service.

Be sure to research well when looking for someone to conduct an inspection. Things to look out for include:


What kind of insurance does the inspector have? Does it cover if they break something in the house?

Scope of Inspection

Some inspectors will only inspect areas in and out in less than 25 minutes. Proper building inspections should cover every area of the property, including the roof and internal roof spaces. Inspecting these areas are essential as they are the critical elements of the building’s structure and where many issues lie.

Money-Back Guarantee

Choosing an inspector who offers a 100% money-back guarantee shows they are also confident with their service.

Efficient Service

Efficiency is crucial for building inspections, which is why you should make sure you know what their service is like. It’s a good idea to see if they have some testimonials to read through. They should give a good summary of the service you are considering. Customer feedback reveals how a business runs.

Sample Report

Before you purchase a car, you should need to test drive it, right? It goes with choosing an inspector, asking if you can see a sample of work, and determining if they’re a professional and offer the services you need.

It’s important to give them a call and ask whether they have time to answer some questions. A good inspector will be open to tell you everything about their service.

For more information about building and pest inspections, visit our Help Centre.

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