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  • February 15, 2021
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Effective 16 September 2009, building property inspectors no longer need building inspector license. This means those undertaking building consultancy work will no longer be regulated under the Home Building Act in NSW. This further implies that Fair Trading no longer allows building inspector’s license.

This action took place in response to a Council of Australian Government’s commitment. This is to rationalise occupational licensing across Australia to cut red tape for Building Inspectors across NSW. 

EBC Stand for the Discontinued Building Inspector License

Effective Building & Consultancy (EBC) understands the purchase of a home will be the biggest financial decision that many consumers will ever make. This will be a considerable step for many of us, marking both a new beginning and a simple investment.

However, discontinuing the building inspector license needs to take with caution and peace of mind. This applies most especially regarding the properties’ true underlying state.

Impacts to Purchasers

Consequently, purchasers of the existing property need to be positioned. This is because they need to make an informed decision on the property’s current condition. That way, they can avoid expensive repairs to defective or non-complying work. Not only will this be a financial concern, but this will also affect homeowners’ comfort. Without a building inspector license, repairs take place and a decrease in satisfaction with your new home.

Why Need for Professional Indemnity Insurance?

EBC strongly recommends that you only use consultants with building inspector license and insurance cover. We suggest this particularly for professional indemnity insurance for any type of Building & Pest inspection reporting. 

Professional Indemnity insurance for property inspectors will cover you if your building property inspector fails to meet an adequate standard. Another is that it should perceive to be in a condition as stated in the report. 

Cutting the building inspector license will open many doors for potential issues. A report by an inexperienced inspector may end up costing homeowners thousands of dollars. Our team inspector is extremely concerned with the reduced regulations in place. Inspectors without licenses or insurance at the home owner’s risk can manipulate the quality and information presented. 

Issue of Unregulated Market

Our team has over 20 years of experience in inspections. It’s not all as clear cut as it may seem. Inspectors who are unqualified and inexperienced can now be homeowners or someone in a conflicting position. They can potentially “tone down” some of the findings to stimulate a sale.

Another issue of discontinued building inspector license is in an unregulated market. Almost “anyone” may create an inspection report in a “favourable” manner. They do this to enable the desired outcome. It should be compulsory, and a building inspector license should be brought back.

Many organise without insurances now simple “after a sale,” without the true capabilities of carrying out a thorough inspection. Without our experience and insured inspection team, we offer warrantee protection to our consumers. We want to genuinely have our client’s interest in our forefront. 

Many experienced inspectors have suffered severe downturns due to the unregulated circumstances. 

“Experts believe a government property inspections register should be created to help improve transparency and reliability of reports. “

The situation will reduce confidence in the housing market. More agents and consumers interested in “selling” can become involved in report shopping to conceal defects and improve their sales prospects. 

One reason for the change in structure is an attempt to save buyers thousands of dollars. The property’s successful buyer will be the one who pays for the inspection report. However, this means compulsory reports will shift the onus to sellers. It will give them the power to choose their inspector. This will provide no guarantee of the report’s impartiality or quality.

Final Thoughts about Discontinued Building Inspector License

Effective Building & Consultancy supports the system that all houses for sale must have an inspection report. However, we believe a minimum qualification and licensing of inspectors should be put back into place. However, this is what the state government dumped last year. They believed that this is an attempt to increase efficiencies.

Therefore, here at Effective Building and Consultancy, all your worries are free! We guarantee professionalism, integrity. Our organisation supports an inspection report and, of course, your protection. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We have experienced staff, qualified inspectors, and insurances for your protection. We offer inspections with true peace of mind and quality.

For more information about our building inspection services, visit our Help Centre.

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