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  • April 8, 2021
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Safety and quality check before inspection is strongly recommended now more than ever. These are an excellent way for our customers to reference our commitment to safe work practice and minimise hazards at the workplace.

Our safety and quality check before inspection provides a comprehensive method for involving building inspectors in the process of eliminating workplace hazards. Our safety stepback checklist is an online system that we filled up first before we start any inspection. This is created from the three popularly ways of safety inspections (checklists, general knowledge, and risk mapping). Moreover, we also included questions about COVID-19 and the potential site risks.

We have tailored our checklist to meet the needs of our inspection to a residential or commercial property. We didn’t use a pre-made checklist as we have utilised our level of knowledge about workplace-related safety practices.

All the results of our safety and quality check before inspection and any action taken in addressing or resolving safety hazards are documented well.

Summary of COVID-19 Questions

Comprehensive FAQs About Legal Cases During Coronavirus
  • Any member of the family who returned from overseas
  • Contact with someone who’s infected with COVID
  • Suffering symptoms of COVID (headache, fever, flu-like symptoms)
  • Presence of any at-risk/vulnerable person in the property
  • Wearing appropriate PPE (P2 face mask and disposable gloves)
  • Hygiene (alcohol, sanitiser, or soap to disinfect hands before and after inspection)
  • Observe 1.5m-3.0m social distancing, where possible

General Hazards

Hazard sign meanings, explained (and how to recognise them)
  • Any safe access to and from the site
  • Any damaged dangerous goods/hazardous chemicals
  • Risk of falling objects
  • Uneven ground, slippery surface, or objects obstructing the pathways.
  • Any hazardous tasks (repetitive tasks or working in awkward positions)

Safety and Quality Check Essentials

Electrical Safety Training-Enough to Prevent Arc Flash Injuries?
  • PPE suit and other safety equipment
  • Any damaged electrical items or electricity lines
  • Anticipate access to roof spaces
  • Evidence of biological hazards such as contaminated water
  • Risk of uncontained animals or displaced fauna

Fire Safety Check

Whole House Surge Protector Installation | NorthRoyalton Electric
  • PPE suit and other safety equipment
  • Structurally sound building
  • Evidence of asbestos, mould, and chemicals
  • Damaged power lines

Impact Damage

Proving Fault In Slip-And-Fall Accidents (In California)
  • PPE and other safety equipment
  • Safe access in and around the impact zone
  • Evidence of spillage in the surrounding area
  • Sources of electricity that aren’t isolated

Assess and Manage Risk

100% Safety and Quality Check Before Inspection 21
  • Overall risk
  • Risk at an acceptable level (medium to low) to proceed

For more information about our building inspection, visit our Help Centre.

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