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  • February 24, 2021
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As a homeowner, you understand how potentially severe a termite infestation can be. What you may not know is how termite inspection Sydney inspects domestic buildings. Unfortunately, in some cases, homeowners’ inexperience leads to them accepting inspections that aren’t as thorough as they should be.

Some homeowners stay on top of termite control. A big part of termite control is preventing termites from invading your home. The first step in accomplishing this is to schedule a termite inspection Sydney. 

So, after scheduling, what should you expect? Are there steps you need to take to prepare for the inspection? Though preparation for a termite inspection Sydney isn’t difficult, you need to make some things to make it go more smoothly.

In this blog, we guide you through the inspection process to know what to expect as the inspector identifies and evaluates any termite problems in your home.

Before: Preparation for Termite Inspection Sydney

Communicate with the Termite Inspector

Clear communication is one of the most important things you should expect from a professional termite inspector. Regularly, inspectors handle cases similar to yours. They should be willing to answer the questions you have as the inspection progresses.

Inspections are almost always handled by a single professional. In most cases, the company representative who you speak to will give you the inspector’s name and let you know what type of vehicle he or she will be driving to help you avoid scams.

When the inspector arrives on your property, he is in a commercial vehicle with a company logo on the outside. The inspector should present his or her credentials when making introductions. He may also carry handheld equipment along during the evaluation, including a notebook or clipboard for recording his or her findings.

Do a Bit of Rearrangement

Anything you have stored under your bathroom and kitchen sinks will need to be moved to another area so that the inspector can check your water sources for signs of termites. Inside your garage, move the things you stored two feet away from the wall. You should also move any items against the walls outside your home for two feet out.

Make the Attic Easily Accessible

Clear away the things that block the entrance to the attic before the inspector visits. Not only because the inspector needs to go into the attic, but you want to ensure that no debris falls from the attic while he’s working.

Clear the Crawl Space

For homes built on a raised foundation, ensure that the inspector can easily get into the crawl space. Clear the opening, move the items that block the entrance, and empty the crawl space.

Fix Your Garden

Trim any grasses, bushes, and other plants that may conceal the outer walls or the foundation.

During: Expectations on Termite Inspection Sydney

During termite inspection Sydney, you can expect the inspector to spend an hour to two hours going over your property. This time frame varies depending on your property size. The inspector will look at the interior and exterior areas of your home, checking for termite infestation signs, which include damaged wood, mud tubes, droppings, and broken wings. Some technicians use a dongle, a noise-making tool, to tap the walls and check for hollow spaces created by termite damage.

The inspector will check your walls, baseboards, crawl spaces, windows, insides of closets and cabinets, and door frames. During the inspection, your inspector will also access every area of your home, including the attic and garage, and pay special attention to the kitchens, bathrooms, and utility rooms. Why? This is because subterranean termites use the places where plumbing penetrates the slab to access your home. The inspector may use tools to test the moisture levels of wood building components.

Outside your home, the inspector will look at the house’s eaves and exterior walls and examine the foundation closely. Aside from the signs of damage to the wood, the inspector will also look for mud tubes on the foundation. Having inspected the home thoroughly, the inspector will move on to the surrounding property and yard to ensure those areas are not showing any termite activity.

After: Prevent Future Termite Treatment

Once the termite inspection Sydney is complete, the inspector will disclose to you the findings. At this point, he or she will go over your options for referral to an exterminator for remediation and treatment. If there’s an infestation, the exterminator will put treatment on several areas. However, if there’s no infestation, the termite inspection Sydney expert may suggest preventive treatment to keep your home safe. He can give you advice on how to prevent termite infestations through good practices. In Australia, most homeowners need an annual inspection.

Remove Excess Moisture

Repair leaky faucets as soon as you can. Don’t let the water accumulate near your foundation. Keep gutters free from clogs and use downspouts to divert water away from the house. Ensure that the soil around your house is the grade to prevent water from going to your foundation.

Keep the Landscape Clean

Don’t let wood debris, firewood, or mulch come into contact with the home’s exterior surfaces. Remove any dead trees or tree stumps from your property. Trim shrubbery and trees, so they don’t touch wood surfaces on the house and give termites a great way to get in.

Repair the Attic and Roof If There are Issues

Broken attic entrances and roof tiles can expose wooden beams in the attic and provide easy termite access.

Saying No to Cardboard

Cardboard boxes in your attic and garage can be a food source for termites, so keep these to a minimum.

Be Cautious to Any Signs of a Termite Infestation

Check for mud tubes on your home’s exterior, pay attention to hollow sounding floorboards, and look in your window sills for discarded wings.

Schedule an Annual Termite Inspection Sydney

Termite inspection Sydney professionals can detect signs of an infestation that you may have missed and can offer suggestions for the treatment of an active infestation or prevention against future termite invasions.

If it’s a termite inspection Sydney, it’s time to call us. At Effective Building & Consultancy, we perform termite inspections to ensure your home is free of termites. We work hard to help your home safe from termites!

For more information about termite inspection Sydney, visit our Help Centre.

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