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Technology continues to evolve at an exponential pace, and there are many tools, systems, and services that need to understand and adapt to. This applies too in building and consultancy inspection. As building consultants, we need to become innovative when inspecting high-tech or modernised buildings – be it residential or commercial.

Good thing is that Effective Building & Consultancy has a dedicated team of high-rise experts who have inspected several projects in Sydney. We are happy to assist our clients regarding the overwhelming questions on the high-tech rise buildings and smart technologies that come with it.

Effective Building & Consultancy Expertise on High-Tech Properties

Integrated Design

Our building consultants understand that the building design’s success depends on the relationship between the structure and services. EBC combines the analytical tools with a complete palette of high-rise technical expertise to inspect building cores and ensure that these create maximum value and solve our client’s tough challenges.

Expertise in Off-Site Construction

Effective & Building Consultancy has in-depth knowledge of the off-site fabrication of concrete structural sections to fasten on-site construction and high-quality standards to use on high-rise residential and commercial buildings.

Liveability and Sustainability

Our building consultant’s philosophy is to prioritise the quality of life for building users and place people at the heart of safe homes. We ensure that the distinctive and attractive spaces for the units are achieved.

We do our best in delivering useful services that make occupants productive at the lowest cost and environmental impact over the building’s life cycle. That said, we check that the added intelligence to these high-tech buildings is connected properly to various subsystems, can operate independently, and can share information to enhance total building performance.

Assistance in Early Design Process

Our trusted building consultants can assist our clients as earlier as the design process. Our consultant’s roles are evolving to guide conceptual visioning sessions, develop foundations to support integrated building systems, and select strategies to meet the goals.

Commencing the Design Phase and Construction

With a clear vision and financial analysis in hand, the design phase can commence. At the essence of design for connected buildings, smart solutions can share data between building systems. A building consultant can suggest some foundational infrastructure pieces to support integrated building systems and smart metrics collection.  

Effective Building & Consultancy and design teams need to include specifications with industry-accepted standards and guidelines to guide the contractors. This way, all can ensure quality control and standardization versus one-off solutions that do not offer interoperability.  

Contact Effective Building & Consultancy Now!

In any high-rise building project, no matter the scale, it is important to have a building consultant who can spend the time, in the beginning, to learn about the client’s business goals and develop metrics that can be used to show progress toward or compliance with them.

Effective Building & Consultancy highlights the importance of including scope for the client, design team, and contractor’s management throughout a smart building engagement to provide periodic reminders of the client’s objectives and how the smart solutions support their vision and cost expectations. 

If you want to make your high-rise building come true, consult with Effective Building & Consultancy, and we will be happy to assist you.


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