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  • April 28, 2021
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Effective Building & Consultancy’s commercial inspection has the latest design trends and construction methods to offer.

The latest innovations and exciting new technologies have the potential to make real changes to the commercial construction industry in Sydney. From buildings that generate electricity on-site with solar and wind power to automated smart buildings that can adapt to their occupants’ needs, our team can definitely do this.

Working with the right commercial inspection company ensures that property owners can benefit from the latest innovations.

5 Latest Innovations as Recommended by Our Commercial Inspection Team

1. Renewable Energy and Sustainability 

Environmentally sustainable buildings offer numerous advantages and it’s not even a hindrance too for commercial inspection companies. The lowering costs of renewable power installations and current advances in sustainable design may allow commercial property owners to enjoy any of the following benefits:

  • More efficient layouts allow for more cost-effective heating and cooling
  • Solar installations can produce power on-site to offset operational costs
  • Sustainable building materials limit the impact new construction has on the natural environment.

The greener building design trends – which often end up more cost-effective and more sustainable than traditional building design – provide an example of how innovation continues to change and shape the commercial inspection and construction industry. 

2. Virtual and Augmented Reality Modeling

There are new ways to model and visualise a property or renovation project that allow owners to make more informed decisions. The digital models and the conventional three-dimensional rendering continue to grow more sophisticated and powerful.

However, the latest technology our commercial inspection team recommends provides a whole new way to experience buildings that are still in the design stage.

 Immersive visual environments provide users with the chance to explore digital models in greater detail than ever before. This technology can allow a commercial inspection and construction company to provide a more detailed preview of different designs and layout options.

VR and AR applications can ensure that clients and future property owners can fully experience the nuances and details that conventional 3D models may be unable to convey.

3. Prefabricated Commercial Construction

Another trend shaping the commercial inspection and construction industry is the pre-fabricating building elements off-site. Having multiple project elements delivered at set times can streamline the building process and faster completion.

Unlike the conventional construction methods that involve constructing facilities in sequence, pre-fabricated construction and assembly methods are handled in protected environments that offer superior efficiency and safety. Pre-fabrication construction techniques can reduce the likelihood of issues that may hinder the progress or slow project completion.

4. Integrated Smart Buildings and Mobile Technology

Many property owners are surprised to learn the full range of automation and building control options that a commercial inspection and construction company can provide. 

We are partnered with companies who offer superior adaptability and flexibility by using integrated mobile and digital technology to improve any of the following:

  • On-site communications
  • Climate control and regulation
  • On-site security and access

The latest commercial inspection and construction techniques use integrated systems and technologies to provide occupants with greater control over their environment. Our company suggests only the best to allow property owners to create and maintain a more comfortable, efficient, and controlled environment.

5. Three Dimensional Printing

Massive 3D printers use a mixture of concrete and composites to allow Effective Building & Consultancy commercial inspection and the construction team to use curvilinear forms throughout the building process.

Building and conventional construction techniques are typically limited to rectilinear forms that may limit the look, style, and layout of the completed building. 3D printing technology can provide a commercial inspection and construction company with the means to realise a wider range of architectural styles and designs as well as reducing construction costs through automation.

Why Call Effective Building & Consultancy Commercial Inspection?

With several promising innovations shaping the industry, property owners and developers can find a range of choices and tailored solutions for their building needs. Effective Building & Consultancy experience and knowledge of the latest industry technology and commercial inspection are just some reasons.

We are up for any challenge, from traditional design-build projects to implementing sustainable practices and inspections for existing businesses. Contact us and let’s discuss how commercial inspection and construction innovations can benefit you!

For more information about our building inspection services, visit our Help Centre.

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